Yoga For Kids: Why Teaching It Is Important

15 May

Everyone knows that it is essential for kids to be active! However, when thinking about activities for kids, yoga is often the last exercise that comes to mind. It may be surprising to learn, but there are plenty of yoga poses that will benefit kids. Yoga kids are happier and healthier.

There probably isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t heard about yoga! However, the fact that we’ve heard of it doesn’t necessarily mean we understand it. Although people in South Asia, specifically India, have been practicing it for thousands of years, it is a new fashion in Western countries, only a few decades old. Due to the increased stress we’re experiencing in recent years, many people began to search for something that can help them deal with it. And this is where yoga comes in as a discipline that promotes both physical and mental health.

However, even if its popularity is growing and plenty of people find it helpful, it is still an activity reserved for adults. Because of meditation, breathing techniques, and Om, many people believe that it would be difficult for their kids to practice it. It is essential to point out that there is plenty of yoga for kids’ benefits.

Keep in mind that children aren’t different from us. Indeed, sometimes their problems don’t seem too important to us as adults. We cannot forget the fact that they are also living under a lot of pressure. They need to do well in school, be accepted by their peers, etc. This eastern discipline is very helpful for coping and that is why it is an excellent idea to start yoga for kids training.

Yoga Kids Benefits

It Builds Strength

When thinking about starting yoga for kids, it is good to find a way to explain to kids that it will help them become stronger. If you are practicing it already, your muscles will already be toned and strong, and your kids will see it. But if you are just starting, then you have to first get informed about it. Many people think that this discipline enables you to become more flexible and balanced but not stronger. All the asana (postures) are significantly strengthening muscle groups in the body. One of mom must haves, for those moms who want to introduce this discipline, is a good yoga mat. 

It Is a Non Competitive Activity

Many kids are attracted by the idea of engaging in some sort of sport but don’t want to be put in a position to compete against other children. That may not sit well with some kids, and they might give up altogether. Yoga, on the other hand, is not competitive at all. You practice yoga for yourself; you adjust all the postures to your abilities and you’re not affected by the performance of others in any way. That is why we should do yoga with kids.

Yoga Teaches Kids Self Awareness 

When practicing yoga poses, they are learning about their bodies and their limits. They become more aware of what they can and cannot do. Apart from the body, asanas also help them understand better the potential of their mind. They learn how they can control their emotions and reactions.

It Improves Kids Self Esteem 

Some people are wondering about when to start yoga for kids? We would say that you can do it as soon as kids start understanding the instructions without any difficulty; typically around four years old. The sooner you do it, the better it will be for their self-esteem. Yoga postures improve balance and coordination and it may make them super confident about their abilities. Apart from that, the breathing exercises enable them to improve concentration and memory, which will help them in academic work. Subsequently, this will also contribute to increased self-esteem. 

Final Word 

As you could see, there are plenty of reasons why you should practice it as an adult and figure out how to teach yoga for kids. Keep in mind that this discipline improves mental and physical health and subsequently your and the lies of your kids in general. Have you ever tried to practice yoga with your children? 

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Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is a journalist, blogger, and yogi. During her trip to India 15 years ago, she fell in love with yoga and decided to stay and truly master the discipline. Upon her return, she began to teach it to other people in her city and write about it. 

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