WordPress Masterclass beta test ending

15 Sep

****September is the last chance to get the WORDPRESS MASTERCLASS for free in beta****

Want to START A BLOG? Our beta group is growing and the MasterClass is still FREE so why don’t you join us? ****What’s in it for you?**** You’ll get hands on LIVE training from me that will take you through every step of setting up a WordPress blog and its admin dashboard. Sign up at http://www.helicoptermomandjustplanedad.com/WPMasterclass

During class, you’ll purchase the domain and hosting to use with WP dot Org as the first steps so be sure you’re ready to pay the (approximately) $64.00 to start. This $64.00 covers your first full year of domain and hosting costs! We’ll use WP recommended platforms that I personally use and love!

Last Chance! FREE WordPress Masterclass beta group is ending soon. Join today.

Sign up at today at: http://helicoptermomandjustplanedad.com/WPMasterclass

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