Winter’s coming, do you have your Wellies?

17 Oct

I was compensated for my review of the products listed in this post. I have written my honest opinion.

One of the most memorable trips that I had with my daughter was when she was a toddler.  We were a military family that used to travel quite often on the military planes or “hops” as they are more frequently called.  Beloved was the happiest when she was boarding a plane and wasn’t bothered in the least by the changes in cabin pressure.  Most flights she was asleep before we’d reach altitude; gently lulled by the roaring jet engines.  Amazingly, she always managed to wake up upon landing, like she knew the end of the flight was near.  I call it instinct, anyone sitting around us, called her “the perfect kid”.  On the few times that she stayed awake for part of the flight, she smiled and enjoyed playing with her toys.

We had flown back for an Easter visit to our family in the United States and were on our way home.  We lived on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic that was in the throes of rainy season.  Rainy season, for those that are unfamiliar, is where you are subjected to hurricane type winds every day for about six months.  High winds and heavy rain can dangerous.  Add these two factors to a plane landing on a very small runway on a very small island, it becomes a recipe for disaster.  Lesser pilots cringe at landing during this time of year and seasoned pilots won’t even attempt it.

Long story short, due to the strong winds our flight was unable to land on the island and had to proceed to the next available airbase.  This happened to be in England, a quaint town called Suffolk, and we were told to get comfy ‘cuz we’d be there awhile.  If you’ve ever been to the UK in April, you know that it’s cloudy, wet and cold.  I wasn’t prepared for this since we had left the states in balmy weather and sandals.  Luckily, I’ve always been a helicopter mom so I’d over packed Beloved’s bag and had warm clothes for her.  I had not considered our feet though and I’m sure I was quite the sight as I exited the plane, walked across the runway in my sandals, with snow on the ground.  As a tourist in a new place on a mission to find shoes, I did what came naturally…I shopped!

Overseas, boots are called Wellingtons or “Wellies” for short.  It’s the cutest name and Brantano knows how to rock the Kid Wellies.  Every design and color imaginable is available and their low prices keep parents happy.  They are inexpensive, weatherproof and made to last. Their store in Ipswich offered up several choices and for Beloved only the “Scenic” pink flowered pair would do.  If you suffer through a long cold winter, there are heavier choices made from leather and Thinsulate insulation.  Most have faux fur lining and easy closures so your little ones can get them on and off themselves.  This fact alone sets them apart from most others.

If you find yourself in the UK, stop by and pick up a few pairs of these Kid Wellies for the upcoming winter season.  If you can’t get overseas, they offer a website at Brantano full of great products.  Enter Autumn342 at checkout for a special discount!

For those of you wondering, we did eventually get back home.  But not before we over flew the island once more and landed back on the east coast.  We had a short layover and headed out once again.  We finally were able to land safely on the island.  Since Just Plane Dad worked on the planes, he was one of the first people to greet us when the door opened.  I have never been so happy to see him and Beloved…as usual she was her happy resilient smiley self…glad to show her Daddy her new Wellies.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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