Why do we celebrate Labor Day?

4 Sep

Today is a blissful breezy day in sunny Florida.  Children and adults alike are off for the Labor Day holiday; a tradition created in 1894. We all enjoy having a free day off, particularly if that day happens to be Monday.  Schools, post offices and stores are closed in honor of the celebration.  But do we really understand why we get this much-needed respite in our work week? 

labor day flag cupcakes

Labor Day celebrates the achievements of American workers…Yippee!  I try very hard to instill understanding of our federal holidays to Beloved and it typically boils down to this.  For her, this day symbolizes the end of summer and thus is no reason for celebration.  For my hubby, the best part of this day, since he still has to work, is that it means football season is once again under way [didn’t it just end?].

I’m thrilled to have a day off to simply relax and reconnect with my family and I think back to my childhood.  Since we were Yankees, school always started right after this holiday.  Therefore, all summer fun and travel had to be done before then.  Normally we ended our official summer with a shopping trip for school clothes.  I NOW realize this was a trick formulated by [our] parents to build excitement about the impending first day of school.  If we’re buying clothes then maybe we’ll forget that school starts in a few days, usually worked.

American Flag

We always had one final barbecue picnic which included neighborhood friends and families.  I can still taste the sacrificial watermelon.  Parades, now a thing of the past, were traipsing up and down most streets or on the local TV channel.  Fireworks were plentiful.  We would spend hours changing over our closets to reflect a “no more white” clothing policy strictly enforced by the trend setters.

In stark contrast, kids are now in school already and are excited that this is their first official day off.  My teenager wouldn’t be caught dead at a parade, providing I could even find one locally.  For those fashion minded mom’s, today is your last day to wear white appropriately but for God’s sake this is Florida; we wear white all year-long and I’m happy to be considered part of the “non-stylish” crowd breaking this rule.

If you’re traveling, be safe and patient.  If you’re staying in, praise God that you are blessed with a job.  It’s your day, enjoy!

How are you spending the day?

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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