Why do I love Dunkin Donuts?

25 Oct

I know this is a strange post and will only briefly touch on anything remotely parenting but please bear with me.  First and foremost, since childhood, I have loved Dunkin Donuts.  It was a treat that we rarely got and relished it like jackals when we did.  Now that I am able to head there anytime I want, the love hasn’t waned. 

The donut shop reminds me of family by Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Since we are knee deep in the south, Krispy Kreme is a big contender here, but as luck would have it, Dunkin Donuts is closer.  That suits me just fine.  According to moi, these are the top three reasons to visit:

Chocolate frosted donut


Munchkins [Is it still politically correct to call them that?]. 


Our family loves Dunkin Donuts but for wildly different reasons. My taste buds yearn for the chocolate donut and Dunkacchino; which if you’ve never tried, tastes something like a touch of coffee mixed with hot cocoa.  Just Plane Dad drinks his coffee strong with barely any sugar [yuck] and a breakfast sandwich.  Beloved’s order is always, always, always the same; 10 chocolate glazed Munchkins and a bottle of Root Beer.  If me and Just Plane Dad dare go there alone, we bring the aforementioned items back home to her. 

The donut shop reminds me of family by Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Today, we had early morning appointments so I arrived separate from my hubby and had a few minutes to wait.  Our local shoppe is located directly on a large pond, right next to the main road; strange place for animals to gather, with all the traffic, but they do.  It’s about 7:30 in the morning and the sun is just starting to shine brilliantly over the pond and surrounding grass. 


It’s absolutely beautiful and feels slightly warm on my face as it shines through the window.  In another hour, it will be unbearable, but for now, the air is a bit cooler and the warmth feels exquisite.  The parking lot is situated on a slight incline so the pond is down below the front of the car.  I happen to notice a mama duck with her brood swimming near the edge.  The babies seem so excited to be out and about and only an occasion does one gets out of line. 


There is a patio set closer to the water but I decided to stay inside and not scare them off.  The Mama Duck dips below the water and the babies mimic her, she swims in circles and they rush to catch up; obviously I am witnessing parenting at its best


The mama duck walks up onto the edge and as the babies follow, she scolds them to stay in the water.  They figure out that she means business and continue swimming without any back quack.  If only my daughter was so obedient…


Just Plane Dad arrives and we walk inside engulfed by the yummy sugary smell of frosted dough.  People are everywhere, overcrowding the small pink chairs and lined up like robots facing the counter.  Children are laughing and running back and forth to the line, parents are trying to recall their orders and grandparents sit smiling at the little ones.  It occurs to me that just as in my youth, this is still an iconic place to come to.  I notice people of all ages mingling, breaking bread donuts and basking in the glow of the happy kids.  Life is good.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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