Why are teachers hiding online?

25 May

Without wanting to sound too disrespectful, I have a big problem with most teachers, as my daughter has aged.  I know in my heart that there are good no great, teachers out there (read about one here) that do everything in their power to instill their love of learning and knowledge on our children.  The problem is that the last time this sort of teacher was in my daughter’s life was first grade.  First grade!

My daughter is currently starting 11th.  It seems like it’s much easier for the elementary teachers to like our lovable cherubic faced sweeties than to care for our disgruntled angst ridden teens.  But we need teachers for all grade levels, so please don’t give up on our kids.

Teacher in front of class and boy with raised hand

To be fair, we have had two other honorable mentions along the way.  The first, a nice fun lovable math teacher in 9th and a young risk taking science teacher in 10th.  While my daughter may not have retained more [at least according to her grades], she was fully engaged, enjoyed attending their classes and knew they wanted to be there.  She felt important and respected by someone in power over her life.  Isn’t this what we should expect as parents?

I want to know that my child’s teachers will encourage her to learn and entertain her while doing so.  Nobody wants to listen to a robot chirping in front of them day after day; move around, raise your voice, experiment with your environment.  Playing devil’s advocate, I can imagine that it does get rather boring talking about the same subject day after day, year after year, blonde haired kid after blonde haired kid.  We all feel this way occasionally…but….wait for it…none of us get a two month break to recoup. Use the summer break to rejuvenate, find the love again and bounce back fresh for the next assembly line of kids coming through your class.

Teachers have the power to shape our children’s lives and help them form bonds to subjects they may need in their futures.  It’s pretty damn hard for our kids to fall in love with calculus if the person who committed their life to it, acts like they hate it.  Do me a favor, if teaching our children has become a burden for you, then stop what you are doing, call the principal and quit.  You are not helping anyone by despising your work and my daughter.  This year due to many issues, one of which was lack of caring role models for Beloved, we have enrolled in online classes.  It is way more work on the parent’s part, however on the first day, every teacher greeted us with a warm welcome letter, sent instructions for her class, and actively tried to get to know their students.

We are one month into the school year and still getting regular emails and communication.  All of them say they are available anytime day or night for extra tutoring and I have all of their email addresses and cell phone numbers.  This is unheard of and has been such a burden off my mind.  I am encouraged to participate in her learning, not shunned because I act like I’m interested.  I will say that it’s probably easier for these online teachers to enjoy their jobs since they can sit at home in their pajamas while doing them…hey that would make me happy, but regardless, it has been a breath of fresh air dealing with school work and for this overly involved parent, a Godsend.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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