Who’s The New Guy?

1 Jun

Okay, so one of Beloved’s friends has stepped in to take the role of boyfriend.  I should have seen it coming.  She started hanging out with her group of friends who knew his group of friends and without fail; his name would be the most mentioned. The New Guy can do this, The New Guy can do that.  Oh young love!

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So I guess the healing has begun.  On a brighter note, she has become “friends” with World’s Best Boyfriend again, or at least on Facebook, so I may yet get to give my official goodbye to the kid.  Or perhaps it won’t be needed.  Beloved has always been the most caring person towards her peers and if anyone can pull off “friends forever”, it’s my kid.  It is wonderful to watch her navigate the maze of teenage relationships with such finesse.  She’s been hurt, upset, embarrassed by these so-called friends, and yet, she finds it in her heart to move on and forgive.

Everyone gets a second or third chance.  She definitely did not get that character flaw strength from me. If [and that’s a big if] you reach my inner circle of trust, you had better earn your right to stay there.  You will not be let back in.  But I do immensely love that my daughter is this type of person and even though she has had to figure out that some people aren’t worthy of her friendship, which led to some tears, it’s a learning lesson that even her parents couldn’t provide.  I’ve digressed, back to The New Guy.

He is a tall, dark-haired cutie pie that seems to be over the moon for Beloved.  They have, according to my girlie, “everything in common and could quite possibly be soul mates”.  Where have I heard this before?  Anyway, all I know is that he’s kind to her, speaks respectfully to her, and makes her laugh.  This strange behavior also spills over to Just Plane Dad and me [who you calling ma’am?].

Finally, someone who was brought up to treat parents like royalty.  His folks seem very nice and appear to enjoy Beloved too.  What more can we ask?  We are just starting this new adventure, stay tuned for much more on our life with The New Guy.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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