Who is a master at the Art of Persuasion? Part 2

22 Jun

Read Part 1 of this story first.

As you recall, Just Plane Dad and I had decided that it was okay for Beloved to spend a few days over at her friend’s home, about an hour away. I drive her over to his house, which is a neat trip, because you pass a major airport and the planes are flying so close, you literally can look up and read writing on the bottom of their underbellies. Terrifyingly close yet exhilarating at the same time! Feels like they may land on your car at any moment a’ la Captain Sulley.

art of persuasion

We get to the house, Beloved hops out and beelines for the door. No goodbye kisses, no wave, no look back. I honk and she comes back to the car window, shrugging and slumping over like I’ve just boiled her bunny. Gross analogy since we do indeed have a bunny, but you get my point. Quick goodbye hug and she’s off. Mom says a quick prayer that she behaves and follows the rules and I return home.

Have you ever noticed how quiet it is in the car when you are alone, sans children? It’s absolutely deafening…in a quiet way, if that’s such a thing. By the time I get home, Just Plane Dad is home from work and we decide to head out to our local eatery aka BubbaQue’s.  We chit chat about nothing and enjoy catching up. For good measure, we text Beloved to make sure she’s eaten too. Ok, to make sure the other parents are actually feeding her. Yes, she’s ate and having fun. Whew!

We head home after dinner, watch a few hours of uninterrupted TV, and by uninterrupted I mean, nobody bounded in to show their latest dance moves, nobody rushed in to ask us to cook something and we couldn’t hear the distant booms of rap music streaming from the other side of the house. This may possibly be how heaven is.

We turn in early, not because we’re tired [wink wink] and rekindle the old flame that’s been long snuffed out by frequent visits in the middle of the night from a certain blonde haired child. I didn’t realize that you can actually make love while leaving your bedroom door open, who’d have thought? A few more days of the same routine, coupled with endless texts back and forth and it’s time to pick up the kid.

End result: Beloved had the time of her life, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad spent a few romantic nights alone and I moved one notch closer to free range rearing…Not!

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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