Characters can be scary to little kids

11 Oct

One of my favorite memories happened during our vacation to Disney.  Beloved was three years old and not a rookie.  Living in the sunshine state, she had a handful of visits under her belt.  It was however the first visit to the Disney characters autograph line.

Disney pumpkin face

After waiting in line for a gloriously hot two hours, we triumphantly reach Minnie, Pluto and Goofy.  We head up for the signature and gratuitous photo shot.  Beloved takes one look at her “friends” close up and lets loose a wail that could be heard throughout the park.  In true fashion, my helicopter mom instincts take over and decide it’s no problem, we can get the signature while you stay in line with the family.  What?  That won’t work either, darn.  Ok, we can figure this out.

We will place you over our shoulder, buried in the nape of my neck and just back up slowly and quietly and when we’re close enough for photo-op, poof, we’ll shoot it.  Beloved is calming down, so trusting she was, and we slowly sidled up to Goofy.  Ready, smile, cheese…Beloved makes the fatal mistake of opening her eyes, looking over her shoulder and sights up Goofy, all 7 feet of him.  I have to admit, I never noticed how big Goofy really is; like really tall big.  She starts failing her arms at him, but with a precise boxer-like back hook, if that is such a move, and it’s a continuous stream of hits.

We have never laughed so much in our lives and I’m pretty sure I peed a little.  I can almost guarantee that Beloved did.  Now before I lose my hover status, yes, we did move away quickly and exited the Disney characters hut, never to return.  Our girl did calm down and didn’t seem any worse for the wear due to the incident.  We still laugh about how she kicked Goofy’s butt that day.

Sidenote: Apparently we didn’t learn our lesson as Chuck E. Cheese suffered the same ill fate.  To this day, over 16 years later, we have only a handful of character photos that don’t appear to show our kid as a blur leaving the photo. Funny how those cute little animated costumes are so incredibly scary in person.

Has this ever happened to you?  Who scared your children?

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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