What is the best day of the year?

11 Aug

I know that everyone is conjuring up warm fuzzies for the end of December, but I’m talking about the last day of school.  Thank you Lord for bringing that special season called summer and its ever anticipated break from school.  I’m not sure if Just Plane Dad and me like summer better now as adults or when we were actually kids celebrating it.

Personally, it marks the end of a yearlong battle with homework and teachers, catty girl fights at the lunch table, rising early in the morning and waiting in the ever-growing school car line.  I’d like to be the mom that always keeps the same schedule throughout the year to avoid problems later with sleep schedules, but it is way too easy to be lazy when you know you don’t have to rush out of bed.

Now we’re only talking about a half hour’s difference, but oh, those sweet thirty minutes of bliss.  I get to enjoy the snooze button, slowly rising and once awake; it’s much more peaceful not having to worry about getting our Beloved out the door.  It’s only one less person and one less lunch to make, but it makes all the difference in the world.

Just Plane Dad and I get to sit together for breakfast and actually enjoy the meal together, a rarity, in our busy household.  We get to converse about meaningless things and dare, I say, spend some extra time in the shower…together!  God outdid himself when creating the last day of school.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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