What is Santa bringing you for Christmas? Day 2

21 Nov

I was compensated for my review of the products listed in this posted.  I have written my honest opinion.

Day 2 Holiday Shopping Guide for Guys from Boxers-and-Briefs

Since we just celebrated a major anniversary, it’s been a romantic time around our household.  Between the love we feel for each other and the holiday nostalgia that is lingering in the air, life has been good and full of amour.

Which got me to actually take a second look at the shabby old pair of undergarments we have been passing off as acceptable; nothing like a little romance to make you question how they look.  Just Plane Dad couldn’t really care about underwear unless they are about to be removed [wink wink] but I prefer to see something a bit more sexier.

I found a great website that will fulfill my needs and those of my hubby’s.  His only requirement is that they are boxer briefs, not tighty whiteys, as guys call them.  Perfect, this website is full of options for any guy.  Boxers-and-Briefs

I was pleasantly surprised when I found the variety on this site.  They have every shape, size and color in stock.  It’s always better when you get to see them displayed on a model; just click on the left hand side to sort your preferences before viewing.

David Beckham wearing white underwear

Photo Credit: http://www.underwearexpert.com

I was secretly wishing for a glimpse of David Beckham’s shoot, but alas, he wasn’t on there. His underwear preference is though, so Ladies, hurry over here and pick up a few pairs!

My personal favorite is the sloggi model.  Besides the incredibly fun name, they are sexy.  I’m sure most husbands and boyfriends would love to find a few pairs of these stuffed inside their stockings from Santa!

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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