Top 10 Reasons that We Love Our Teens!

18 Mar

What are the Top 10 reasons we absolutely love our teens?  


helicopter dad kissing teen daughter

10. They are still afraid of the dark and call for us in the middle of the night. 

9.  They will be leaving the nest soon and we’ll deeply miss them. 

8. They can drive us around town now. 

7. We get to see the fruits of our labor in action. 

6. They have kind hearts that are so easily broken. 

5. They are excited for their futures and their eyes hold so much promise. 

4. They can now earn their own money! 

3. They are learning to appreciate and accept what their parents do for them. 

2. To teach them how to love their own children.

And the number one reason we love our teens


 1. Because they are certain that we don’t at times. 

What would you add to this list?  

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