What are the odds that she will make it down that huge hill on the longboard?

9 Mar

Our daughter loves to skateboard and has recently taken an interest in the Gold Coast longboard.  It’s a skateboard on steroids, longer, wider, beefier stance.  Strange looking contraption of fun.  I was so proud that she used her birthday money to purchase the expensive item but regretfully now she wants to use it.  Helicopter Mom alert!!

On one particular afternoon, Beloved catches me in a weak moment and I reluctantly agree to let her go with friends to the local hilly spot to ride.  I do try to allow some freedoms and am finding it harder to come up with viable excuses to say no.  I counsel her on random safety tips on the drive over, do a visual check of the friends she’ll be with to make sure I know them, and finally drop her off at the somewhat abandoned, very hilly street.  I have a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach as I drive away…nothing to do with the longboard, more so with the thought that she’ll be hit by a car.

Boy helping girl on longbaord

How wrong I was.  My beautiful child takes great care while on the hill and manages to topple over at the bottom, catching her ankle under the board.  Foot swells and friends carry her to safety.  This would be a touching story if the kid had immediately called her parents to let them know what happened, but no, she waits three hours to be picked up by Just Plane Dad and then explains what happens.

Admittedly, she was afraid that the incident would limit any future potential for hanging out with the “crew” and skating, if she told me.  She’s right, good call.  Just Plane Dad and me debate the ever swelling ankle for about twenty minutes and decide to visit our local urgent care center.  Within the hour, Beloved is x-rayed, bandaged, booted, crutched up and sent on her way.

Clinical Diagnosis: sprained foot and ankle.

Family Diagnosis: what was I thinking when she bought the longboard?

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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