Welcome the New Year with promise and hope

1 Jan

Welcome to the new year! The New Year holds so much promise for parents like us.  We get a chance to think about our past year’s mistakes (of course we had some) and our accomplishments (plentiful) and work to ensure a brighter future.  It’s a peaceful time of year when the Earth is cloaked in promise.

new year celebration with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad


New Year

New Year’s Day has a hard act to follow.  Who wants to follow Christmas in the holiday department?  While it’s true that the start of a new year won’t get the kid’s vote, for helicopter parents, it’s become a very important holiday.  It’s a chance to learn from our experiences and attempt to do better this year.

I have always enjoyed that feeling of freshness that occurs with the start of things.  Births, weddings, first day of school and a new year are all reasons to celebrate.  Not only do these occasions give you license to forecast your dreams for the future, but they offer forgiveness for what’s already happened.  With the first day of the New Year, life as you knew it is over and your fresh slate awaits.

Like most helicopter parents, we enjoy the long weekend away from work and spend it enjoying our family.  Now that our daughter is older, she understands the significance behind the typical resolution.  One of my greatest joys is hearing what she wants for herself in the coming year.  Where before it was a new pet, now her wishes have morphed into greater meaning, such as being kind and showing love to others.

New Year’s Resolutions

As we discuss our resolutions for the New Year, inevitably weight loss and health issues will creep on to my list.  Those final few pounds have haunted me for so long.  We giggle as I draw a stick figure of my current self and of the new improved mom that’s yet to emerge.  My husband tells me how beautiful I have always been and my child pragmatically asks, “Why didn’t you reach your goal?”

Great question; I casually brush it aside and mention that today is for thinking ahead, not worrying about the past, and she eyes me quizzically. “Why don’t they have an Old Year’s Day?”  Out of the mouth of babes. We all agree that to truly enjoy the blessings that are sure to come our way we need to think about what happened in the year that just ended.  We decide to hold the first annual Old Year’s Day ritual.

The only rule…you can’t talk about the future until you have discussed the past twelve months and what you would do differently.  Sounds simple; it’s not and it takes a great deal of introspection.

Did I tithe enough to my church?  Did I handle my anger appropriately?  Am I certain my daughter and husband know how very important they are to me?  Was I a good friend, daughter and sister?

Take a moment to think back over the last year and ponder whether you were infinitely happy with the results.  If not, you can recommit to those items that fell by the wayside.  If so, congratulations on your success.  As the last light of firework dims in the sky, you may rest easy knowing that the New Year brings new promise to you and yours.

What do you need to resolve from last year?  What have you planned for this year?

Happy Old Year!  Happy New Year!


Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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