Unlimited Plans with the Best Wireless service offered at Walmart Family Mobile

22 Aug

I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client, Walmart Family Mobile.  I feel honored to promote both of them.  #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias

As the parent of a teenager, it’s important for our family (and our sanity) that our daughter have a cell phone.  We like to use the old adage “it’s for emergencies” but truthfully in today’s society, teens are adamant about having a phone and service that keeps them connected to their parents and friends.  As helicopter parents, we feel better when she’s easily able to contact us.  Trying to find a cheap wireless plan is next to impossible though.

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We’re now in need of a solution for our daughter and her boyfriend, affectionately known as “The New Guy”.  They spend hours on their phones and unfortunately neither has unlimited plans.  He’s on a limited budget with a prepaid basic “dumb” phone and she’s got an iPhone with limited data on our plan.  The New Guy hates his billing arrangement because he doesn’t drive and has to go to the store to buy more time each month.  Often he is without a phone waiting for transportation.  This equates to a CAT-5 emergency in teen speak!

We thought about upgrading them with our current provider’s service but they no longer offer unlimited options-which teenagers desperately need.  As a matter of fact, of the three phones we have on our current plan, only my hubby (Just Plane Dad) has unlimited usage; they won’t allow it on the others.  This frustrates me to no end as I’ve been a customer for 15 long years.  Our monthly bill hovers around $165 and my basic phone doesn’t even have web capability.  Pricey!  The kids want to surf and download apps so our current provider’s options just won’t work.

The kids saw that Walmart Family Mobile has unlimited talk/text/web so we stopped at the electronics department to check it out.  Truthfully, they had me at unlimited plans!  Our store had several different phones to choose from and The New Guy selected the Concord smart phone and spent $25 activating it. He liked that it was blue and skinny enough to put in his pocket.  I like that it was very inexpensive (at the rollback price of $79).  We simply transferred service on my daughter’s phone.

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The whole process from purchase to online activation was less than 15 minutes.  See all of the options and how easy activation is here.  I was so glad that we didn’t have to wait for 40 minutes getting a credit check, paying a deposit and listening to a sales rep’s chatter.  I don’t know how Walmart Family Mobile does it, but they’ve mastered the setup.

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I have to admit that I was leery about the cheap wireless plan that was offered-it seemed too good to be true.  Our local area has “very good to excellent” coverage and so far, no complaints from the teens; that’s saying a lot.  Stay tuned next month to see how it’s going.  For less than $40/month, we can all stay connected now; they offer the best wireless plans around if you have data guzzling teens.

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If you’d like to get a bit more information on the lowest price rate plan we could find, check out their featured article in this month’s #LiveSoFab magazine.


One of the neatest benefits of our new plan is that it’s contract free!  Young love can be fickle so if the relationship ends; so does the phone service.  #FamilyMobileSaves us money-I can’t ask for more than that.

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