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2 Dec

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‘Tis the season for creative gifts and Christmas present ideas for friends and family.  It seems like the year has passed so fast- how did it arrive so soon?  It feels like I just shred all of last year’s advertisements and this week I received my Walgreens Happy and Healthy Holiday Gift Guide.  Normally I dread the start of the shopping season but not this time.  Walgreens has made it super easy to choose and wrap the perfect gift; I’ll be #HappyAllTheWay through the season.

 #HappyAllTheWay Santa #shop

Walgreens offers so many choices of Christmas wrapping paper, bows, and extra special touches for the package.  As soon as I walked into my local store, the Christmas decorations and ideas started flooding over me.   The gift wrapping was right in the card aisle at the front of the store.  Since I needed to wrap a gift for my teenage niece, I found the cutest Santa wrapping paper that is reversible; the flip side reads HO! HO! HO!  I love packages that have an area of emphasis for the card or bow so I plan on using this reversible paper in that way.  I’ll wrap the present with the Santa side and then create a stripe effect with its reverse side.  I also used my Balance Rewards card to pick up three other rolls for $.99 each!

 wrapping paper #HappyAllTheWay #shop

Our teenage niece loves to read; so we got her this year’s must have book set!  We found the cutest stuffed animal gift card holder at Walgreens, but since we didn’t give a gift card, we decided to personalize the outside of her package with a bookmark.  Yes, it will be a small hint as to what is coming inside the package, but it still offers a way to dress up the package.

I purchased my niece’s gift during the Black Friday madness but I had several others to get so I browsed through the Walgreens holiday gift guide for a few minutes.  I was amazed at all of the ideas and creative ways that Walgreens showcased their items.  You don’t have to rack your brain thinking of ideas for all of the special people on your list; they’ve done the work for you.  They even have a section dedicated to a buffet layout-perfect for using at work during our holiday luncheon.

I found some great gift ideas for my co-worker (page 34 Good & Delish Tea Bags with a new mug), for my daughter’s boyfriend (page 8 HMDX Stream Bluetooth Speaker) and a few ideas that I can give my hubby as a hint (page 21 Classic Photo Wall Calendar) for my gift.  Just Plane Dad will be thrilled with the Walgreens holiday guide as it takes the guesswork out of buying and wrapping; it makes suggestions of all kinds and then includes tips for personalizing each gift too; like we did with the bookmark.

Gift wrapped present #shop #HappyAllTheWay

Here are some great ideas to decorate your packages using Walgreens wrapping paper and other trinkets.

  • Take extra pieces of wrapping, run them through the shredder, and use the confetti to fill gift boxes
  • Create photo stickers of your family and use them on plain colored wrapping paper instead of gift tags
  • Hang smaller gifts (like our bookmark or an ornament) on the outside of the package
  • Use rope candy canes to wrap around the gifts
  • Wrap gifts with two different colors of paper to create a ribbon effect (think candy cane stripe and green)
  • Tie Mistletoe to the gift tag and be sure to sneak a quick kiss

#HappyAllTheWay wrapping collage #shop

And for those of you that are party planners or looking for last minute Christmas gifts, you’ll find some easy entertaining ideas and Walgreens holiday solutions on their Pinterest page.  For me, the Christmas season means an unlimited supply of candy canes so be sure to add them to the packages; after opening the present you can eat the sweet treat! 

What are your favorite wrapping ideas?  Who does the gift wrapping in your home?

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.  Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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