Have family fun this summer + Vehicle Safety Features for your next road trip!

29 Jun

This post is about keeping your family safe during the summer months while traveling by using the latest vehicle safety features and is sponsored by MyCarDoesWhat.org.  It’s an honor to work with them and offer our honest opinions.

Parents, don’t you just love the summer months when the kids are out of school and we finally get to reconnect as a family?  There’s nothing better than loading up the kiddies and driving cross country to visit the grandparents or that state park that you’ve been clamoring for.  MyCarDoesWhat.org knows that when school’s out, more families are on the road, and vehicle safety features are a concern. #MyCarDoesWhat4Me

Vehicle safety during summer on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #MyCarDoesWhat4Me

Lucky for us, we’ve always owned an SUV that could accommodate our family, a few friends and tons of luggage on that never-ending trip up North.  We’ve had the same vehicle for 17 years and while we love it, it does not have all of the bells and whistles that today’s newer cars have.

Vehicle safety during summer on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #MyCarDoesWhat4Me

Planning a Road Trip

We’re heading on a long road trip this summer and also have a daughter driving so it’s definitely time to be looking at a safer vehicle.  Cars and trucks now have so many vehicle safety features that provide an extra layer of safety when used appropriately.  Our current vehicle simply doesn’t compare so before we hit the highway, we’re going to go do a little shopping and see what’s offered.


Most Popular Safety Features

Me and Just Plane Dad are so surprised at all of the different vehicle safety features available.  Cars practically drive themselves and we actually found one that could parallel park itself (where was that when I was learning to drive?).

The features that were my favorite for keeping my family safe are:

Backup & Sideview Cameras:

I love this option because you can see every angle of the vehicle when in reverse or pulling up to a curb; but you should still walk around the car to ensure you have not missed seeing anything-the mirrors could be dirty!  This would be so helpful for our teen driver too as backing up seems to be one of those tasks that is more difficult.  The camera has guidelines that show exactly what path your car is on so you can avoid hitting objects.  It’s like having an extra set of eyes (to match those in the back of your head).

Vehicle safety during summer on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #MyCarDoesWhat4Me

Vehicle safety during summer on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #MyCarDoesWhat4Me

Warning: Check Entire Surroundings. See the dog?

Blind Spot Monitor & Lane Keeping Assist:

One of the scariest things as a parent driving on long road trips is making sure that you stay alert and in your own lane.  There will be a lot more vehicles on the road this summer and this visual alert will let you know if you’re drifting.  As you drift close to the road lines, a gentle vibration will let you know that you’re a bit too close and it can even steer you back into your lane if needed.

It’s good to know that if you miss seeing another car after you’ve manually looked over your shoulder, your new car can see what’s hidden.  I love both of these features because we have a lot of smaller cars here in Florida and I’m always afraid that I won’t see them.

Adaptive Cruise Control: 

Adaptive Cruise Control is another one of those amazing features that works great on the highway to make sure that we stay away from the car in front of us.  It’s like regular cruise control but better!  You can set the distance you want to follow and it will slow down the car (essentially braking for you) if you get closer than set.  For instance, let’s say you always want to stay 3 car lengths behind the person in front of you. You’ll set that distance parameter on the cruise control.

If the person in fronts suddenly slows from 55mph to 40mph, the braking system will adjust the speed to keep you three car lengths away.  This is great feature for our teen driver learning how to judge depth perception while driving.  Now she’ll know exactly what sort of spacing we prefer and what is a safe distance to follow behind.  And now Mom can relax in the passenger seat without having to jam my foot on the pretend invisible brake!  C’mon, I know you do it too!

Vehicle safety during summer on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #MyCarDoesWhat4Me

And lastly, Curve Speed Warning:

Get this, the vehicle is tracked by GPS and warns you if a curve or exit is approaching too quickly.  I can see myself using this feature the most as I often have difficulty seeing at night.  Wouldn’t it be nice to simply get a warning about upcoming danger instead of having to swerve and be unsafe?

Vehicle safety during summer on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #MyCarDoesWhat4Me


Arrive Safely

We found the perfect vehicle to head to grandma’s house this summer and Just Plane Dad and I will sleep soundly knowing that on our trip, we’ve found transportation that offers the best safety features.  Before we leave, Just Plane Dad will be sure to check the tire pressure as it’s now hotter than ever here in Florida (you should check each season).  Thrilled to keep our family safe and the tons of other families that will be driving along with us.  My Car Does What?  It brings me peace of mind.

Helicopter Mom loves to #DriveKia #MyCarDoesWhat4Me

TELL US BELOW: What vehicle safety features does your car have?  How does it keep your family safer on road trips?

Before your summer vacation, check out the safety tips on the MyCarDoesWhat website.  MyCarDoesWhat.org is a national campaign to help educate drivers on new vehicle safety features and technologies designed to prevent crashes. Their website has educational videos and a variety of safety technologies that help drivers avoid or reduce the severity of a crash. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook too.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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