Valentines Day ideas for family

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day

I could go on forever about the topic of love but I decided to get focused and share some fun Valentines Day ideas for family, that we as parents, can use to express this favorite feeling of mine over this love filled holiday.

St. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers [that’d be a whole different post], it’s also a great time of year to outwardly express your feelings with those closest to you.  For women, this task sounds quite simple and is already included on our ever-growing to do lists; for men, it can be more difficult. Or so they claim.

Valentine's Boy with heart on his hands


While my hubby Just Plane Dad doesn’t think twice about grabbing me for a quick cuddle [read our story here], he realizes it takes a bit of finesse to find the right time to do the same with our teenage daughter.  Why do they have to grow up so fast? 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for parents of those with older children to kiss, hug and cuddle the day away.  They won’t think twice about hearing your “I love you’s” every hour on the hour.  Your kids will think you’ve gone crazy and they’re more apt to tolerate your “strange behavior” over the holiday.  Secretly, I’m sure they want to feel this closeness anyway and are thrilled they are the center of attention.  If your children are still young, they will squeal with delight at every smooch, making your job easier!


Valentine’s Day for young children

Around our house, no holiday is too small to celebrate.  It’s so much fun to surprise your little ones with small gifts and activities geared toward the theme of love.  We always give our daughter a small basket of goodies brimming over with red and pink treats.  She’ll rummage through the gift and pick out her favorites.

Some items to include are:

  • Lollipops
  • Candy rings
  • Pencils with heart shaped erasers
  • Stickers
  • Small stuffed animal

Younger children get a kick out of spending time with their parents so take full advantage of this fact and plan something extraordinary.


Some activities to include are:

  • Volunteer to teach their school class a craft.  You can find tons of ideas here.
  • Take your kids to the local park for a picnic.  Make sure the food is holiday themed.
  • Use Bathtub Tints to dye their water pink; they’ll never want to leave the tub!

Valentine’s Day for teenagers

Even though your kids are older now, they will still enjoy the pomp and circumstance surrounding holidays.  It’s just plain fun to wake up in the morning to a decorated house. We tend to use candles, outdoor flags and disposable dishware in shades of pink and red.  Use a colored gift bag to hide some special goodies; even the boys will smile!

Some items to include are:

  • Lollipops and chocolate
  • Cherry flavored lip gloss or red nail polish
  • Personalized gifts like dog tags, guitar picks or keychains.  Teens love to see their name.
  • Movie tickets
  • Magazines


Some activities to include are:

  • Cook heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. Dye the syrup red with food coloring.
  • Take them to their favorite band’s concert and act like you enjoy the music.
  • Watch videos of their younger years.  Tell them how much they mean to you and how much you remember that exact day.

Couple hugging with a heart balloon

Valentine’s Day for Mom & Dad:

I truly believe that one of the best ways to love your children is by loving your spouse.  Kids of all ages think it’s funny to see Mom and Dad interact romantically and it’s necessary that they do.  Thank them for spending a fun day with you and let them know that you and Dad have a special evening planned too.  Once you’ve tucked them into bed, call the sitter, then head to your favorite local restaurant and reminisce on why you fell in love in the first place.  Thank each other for those beautiful babies and for your lives together.


Happy Valentine’s Day! XXXOOO

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad


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