Then I Became a Mother by Robin Kramer

6 Sep

We were so excited to receive a copy of Robin Kramer’s book “Then I Became a Mother” to review. We found her stories painfully true and inherently lovable.  She is an amazing author with the gift of gab and I highly recommend you read her stuff!

Then I Became A Mother

This book is so beautifully written and is chock full of vivid descriptions of parenting.  Robin writes in such a way that you are carried back to the exact moment in time when your child did that one “thing” you will never forget. Albeit, sometimes we’d rather!  While her website states that her book is “designed to recharge moms who pace hallways with crying infants and referee arguments between toddlers”, for those of us with older children, it’s also a great way to remember those early days.

Robin Kramer book Then I became a mother

As our daughter Beloved is now a teenager, we’ve long since shuffled those super cute toddler moments to the back of our minds.  And as each year passes and I feel her growing older and anxious to slip away, I live for any reason that I can reminisce about the “good old days”.  Then I Became A Mother reminded me of so many experiences that we had with Beloved and why I now spend a great deal of each day wishing we had more children. (Not happening Just Plane Dad).

Some of my personal favorites from the book were:

1. Praying for bedtime; knowing it’s ME time. Alas, as much as I love my child, bedtime can’t come soon enough.  When she was little, we were exhausted and prayed that we’d be able to stay awake just 10 minutes longer than she could.  Now that she’s older, I stretch out bedtime as long as possible with a shower, reading and perhaps a foot massage.  This is ME time and I’m over feeling guilty.  (Don’t worry new Moms, you’ll get there!)

2.  Judging worth by the number of bags of breast milk in the freezer.  I remember the pressure to do everything right for my baby, which started way before she was born.  Why do Moms feel they have to be perfect?  Yes, I chose to breastfeed Beloved but that doesn’t make me a better mom than anyone else.  Actually, truth be told, I found it easier than heading to the store, mixing up formula and cleaning all those bottles.  Laziness helped make my decision.

3. The idea that God places other women in our lives just when we need them.  In Then I Became A Mother, Robin talks lovingly about how people came to her rescue just when she thought she’d have a meltdown.  I absolutely agree that as women, we need to allow others to have our backs.  As just as important, Robin was placed in my life with her book at a difficult time; our daughter is about to become an adult and start a life separate from her parents.  I so needed to giggle and think back on the silly situations that I’ve encountered as a parent. Thank you!

Lastly, I’ll leave everyone with my most special moment from the book that as a reader (and more importantly) mother, brought me to tears. Robin talks about how her own mother loves having the grandchildren over and on one particular messy day, they left a tiny dirty hand print on her mirror. Her mom refuses to wipe the spot off so she can be reminded of her grandchildren every time she enters the room.

Please know that this story from the book is forever “imprinted” in my mind and I’ll definitely think twice before randomly cleaning up Beloved’s mess in the future…lest I remove one memory.

What did you promise never to do before you became a mother?
What is your favorite memory of your kids?

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