The Adventures of Bosley Bear-Bosley builds a treehouse book review

11 Mar

I received a copy of the cutest little book to review from The Language Bear.  Not only did I love it but I got to brush up on mi español!

Bosley builds a tree house

First, let me start by saying that it’s always nice when children’s books actually teach our children valuable information.  Whether it’s a life lesson on friendship or new phrases in a different language-my favorites always involve learning.  So I was thrilled that The Adventures of Bosley Bear-Bosley builds a tree house followed both of these rules.

I loved the subtle hint throughout the book that differences are appreciated and tolerated. Where else can you find a fox and an owl working together?  It also shows that everyone (animals included) have different strengths and dreams.  For instance, Squirrel’s wishes.  I wouldn’t be interested in a nut cupboard but Squirrel sure was!

And some animals, like Bosley, were good at heavy tasks like hammering boards, while Fox, with his sharp teeth, could hold a rope in his mouth.  Each animal was appreciated for their own strengths.  If only people would take a clue from the  nature in this book.

The language learning is incorporated into each page.  Every photo is placed opposite the text that corresponds with the picture.  So in essence, the book is asking little ones to study the photo, surmise what is happening (with their imagination) and then they hear the text read aloud.  So their little minds are engaged and working to figure out the story as they realize they were right-or something different happened.  If I’ve learned anything about smaller children, it’s the importance of distraction. They won’t even notice they are learning words as their minds engage with the characters.

The highlighted words make it easy for parents or the readers to teach their children individual words and then show those same words in a sentence.  What a novel idea for teaching language.

My daughter is older now but I can just envision us hunkered down in her bed before lights out, pointing to each highlighted word on the English page and trying to decipher and locate it’s counterpart in the story that is written in another language.  I choose English-Spanish for my review book however the author offers several other dual language options.  French-oui.  German-ja.  Italian-si.  Russian-da.  Chinese-Shi.  Japanese-Hai.

Studies have shown that toddlers are quick to grasp foreign language if its introduced soon enough.  Well here you go!

Besides the intellectual aspect, the book is beautifully illustrated with bright rich colors that draw you into each page.  The pictures are non-busy and simple so children really get to enjoy what is happening on the page and can focus on the text.  The main character, Bosley Bear, is a young adventurer with an insatiable appetite for exploration and the books focus on his different adventures.

Truth be told, the story is short and sweet and each book offers a new escape for our little ones imaginations.  This book was all about friends building a tree house and that instantly resonated with me as a parent.  What kid hasn’t asked for one of these?

All versions of Bosley Bear’s books are available in print and ebook on Amazon.  You may purchase them at Bosley Bear!

Tim Johnson is an author in a variety of fields, most notably dual-language children’s illustrated picture books and martial arts non-fiction.  Tim discovered the power of bilingual books while visiting Japan as a tim johnson In 2011 he published his first dual language children’s book in 7 different foreign languages as a tool for increasing cultural awareness and gaining new perspectives. Bosley Bear has since become popular among US and international readers, providing a fantastic way for children to learn a second language in a fun, easy and natural way.
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