Teen Tip Tuesday-Show Them You Are Thankful

22 Nov

Teens often feel like we are always nagging and looking to catch them acting out.  They are so used to their harried mom responding with a curt statement or short “no”.  It’s not that we want to answer this way, it’s just that we often do so without thinking of the impact our words have.

Love your teen on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

This November is a great time to slow down and be present.  Our teens need to know that we are listening to them, that we respect what they are saying and that we’re thankful for their opinions and conversation.

I love spending time with Beloved and just chit chatting about her day and friends.  It’s a time when I see she’s at her happiest.  I work hard at fostering this quality time everyday.  Here’s a few tips to let them know how very thankful you are that they are in your life.


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