Teen Tip Tuesday (by Kelly M) – Have You Reduced Your Teen’s Device Time?

8 Aug

Last week I issued a challenge to reduce your device time. Now, I would love to know how you did. Come on now, don’t be shy. Did you tell your classmates that playing Crossy Road® during class is detrimental to their grades? Did you challenge yourself or your family to apply one or more of the methods on a weekly basis? Are you rediscovering a long-lost reading habit that you love? I would love to know!

Ways to Reduce Device Time with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad


3 More Helpful Ways to Easily Reduce Device Time

Yes, that’s right, more validation for your parents! My mom is waiting to tell me that I need to practice what I write. Ugh, time to put my phone down and wash those dishes.


  1. Make Screen Time More Useful

How do you use your screen time? Games, texting, calling, random internet searches, and social media are things which come to mind for me.

What does “more useful” mean? First, let me define “less useful”:

  • Checking Snapchat® every five to ten minutes
  • Calling your friends at three o’clock in the morning
  • Playing games during class
  • Texting while driving (Please don’t, it’s dangerous!!)
  • Binge watching shows on Netflix® instead of doing homework

Plain and simple: You use your phone too much! I do too, and my mom can’t stand it. What can you do to make your screen time “more useful” and decrease mom’s stress?

  • Use social media to promote your babysitting business
  • Look up the car part that Dad needs to replace
  • Map out the family vacation
  • Research a subject for your essay
  • Write a blog post (like I am doing now)

And there you go, the key to effective screen use is (drum-roll, please): Priorities! It is simple: If you put homework first, before Facebook®, then you have time to chat with friends.

Bonus: Mom feels relief knowing that you turned in your history assignment early this time.


  1. Have an “Electronic Free” Day or Weekend

Gasp! An entire day without electronics? The world might as well explode! In all seriousness, this a valid way to reduce device time.

A good way to go without electronics is to go camping. When out in the woods, there is not consistent internet or cell service. Although, your data charges may rise to your parent’s shock at the next phone bill. Here is one person’s perspective on how to have a device-free day. She highlights how important it is to put family before devices. She also suggests you get out into nature and take your family on a hike.


  1. Do Chores Before Playing a Game

You might hear your parents tell you “No games until you wash the dishes.”  Well, if you did the dishes, then you could play that game you got for Christmas. I know I would. Doing chores shows parents that children have a sense of responsibility. More completed chores show more responsibility. However, fewer completed chores scream less responsibility. Do you see where I am going with this?

Your parents’ expectations might look something like this:

Homework + Chores = Family Time


While they might see yours as this:

Device Time + Eating – Chores + Napping = Perfect Day


You can sense how annoyed your parents feel watching you beat your high score every seven minutes.

Stay off that phone!

I hope you use these 3 more helpful ways to easily reduce device time for your home. Go for a walk, if it’s a nice day. If not, then clean your room. (Parents love that!). I know life is stressful with school or work and it seems like your parents don’t understand you. But it’s your life, so make the best of it.

If you missed the CHALLENGE, check out this post!


Teen Expert: Kelly H. Milligan is The Gluten Free Eagle.  A Gluten Free, Amateur “Ham” Operator, Eagle Kelly the Gluten Free EagleScout, small-scale miner, and writer.  He can be found blogging at www.GlutenFreePreppers.com and www.KellyHMilligan.com (a work in progress).

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