Teen Tip Tuesday-Help stop teenager from lying

12 Sep

It’s inevitable that at some point your teens are going to lie to you.  Heck, most parents tell fibs at convenient times, we just choose to say they are “necessary”.  Your kids, no matter how old, will figure out that sometimes it’s easier to make up a story than come clean.


Teenagers have so much going on in their lives that involve the need to make the right choice.  When pressured, many feel that lying is a reasonable solution.  Sadly, often they think they are doing what’s best.

  • Should I date that one guy?
  • How do I say no to cigarettes?
  • Should I tell on my friend that’s been stealing?


Click to play this great VIDEO that will help parents help stop teenager from lying.  Learn how to help teens and younger children  resist the temptation to take the easy way out and recognize the need for truth.   Telling the truth is often hard-teach them why its right.

Help your kids stop lying!

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