Teen Tip Tuesday-Fear of the dark

25 Oct

Halloween is full of scary movies, scary books, haunting sounds and intense costumes.  Even for the most thrill seeking teen, it can cause fear.  Fear of the dark or being alone in the dark is called Nyctophobia and teens can still experience this.

Watching scary movies with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

If you notice that your teen is having difficulty with the scary images that are everywhere at this time of year, remind them that it’s normal to be afraid of lingering messages in their mind.  Remind them to put the scary thoughts out of their mind before turning in for the night (which is usually when these things rear their ugly head).

If the problem continues, there are ways to help:

  • Watch a short comedy before bed
  • Invite a friend over to spend the night
  • Refrain from attending events with questionable images
  • Camp out together (yes, teens will love it)

Read more about the fears that teens may have here and understand ways to help.

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