Teen Tip Tuesday-Back to School as a Freshman

21 Aug

Back to school means changes for all of our kids.  Switching schools can be one of those scary times in a teen’s life.  Don’t you remember going back to school as a freshman?  

I remember dropping Beloved off at the car line and thinking she was one of the tiniest people on the planet.  High schoolers looked huge compared to my baby.  I drove away in a pool of tears and prayed that she would have a great first day.  Guess what?  She did!

Kids walking back to school with backpacks.

Consider it a blessing that your kids are growing up and entering their last years of school.  Feel free to offer them advice to make the transition easier.  Here’s some wise advice that Scarlet had for her little sister; I absolutely love Tip #3! Click her to hear about Back to School as a Freshman.

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