Teen Clothing for Fall

2 Sep

Finally we are expecting some cooler weather (thank you tropical storm).  Floridians everywhere are running for their closets to grab their cozy “winter wear”.  I love autumn and the beautiful colors and comfy clothing that it brings.  My daughter shares my love of all things Fall.  Here’s some teen clothing for Fall!

orange outfits for fall

Courtesy of Beloved Photos

Basics in your closet never go out of style. This is where you want to spend a little more for quality, wear-ability and durability. Colors to always have at hand are Navy, Black, Khaki, Grey, and of course jeans. Purchase pants and solid tops in these colors. Add printed or solid tops, jackets and sweaters to mix and match. Out of this you will have a teen clothing wardrobe for the entire year.


Always have a white button down shirt handy, goes with everything. A jean jacket never goes out of style and a variety of belts is a good idea. Add leggings and a body suit or two. Girls love shoes but remember to have a pair of boots for winter time.

Teen clothing for Fall by Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Popular this year will be animal prints, tie dye and watercolor prints. You can accessorize with the multitudes of scarves and chunky jewelry that is available at great prices.  Sometimes you can find the best items at second hand stores near wealthy neighborhoods or at discount shops.

If you live in a climate that involves colder weather or snow, tweeds and wool blends are a good choice for warmth. Don’t forget hats and gloves to protect exposed skin.

Teen clothing for Fall by Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Color will brighten any skin tone and it helps the gloomy winter weather from taking over; giving you hope for the next spring day. Mix color and layering is a good idea on the days where the temperature fluctuates up and down.

Teen clothing for Fall by Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Skirt lengths in previous centuries were not an option but now you see all lengths and types in the stores.  Choose those that make you feel comfortable and offer appropriate coverage.

Buy what you love and can wear with multiple outfits.  If you have the room, hang on to classic items as they always come back in style. Great style is learned and you will find your groove as you get older. Most importantly, love what you wear and make it your own!

Teen clothing for Fall by Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Fashion lifts your mood and helps you feel beautiful. Great colors with touchable fabrics is the best of fashion. Have fun and experiment with colors and prints that would normally not “go” together. That’s where the great designers lead the way for change.

All photos courtesy of my beautiful daughter, Beloved.


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3 Responses to “Teen Clothing for Fall”

  1. Anne Campbell September 5, 2015 at 1:19 AM #

    I love the tip to “love what you wear and make it your own!” That is so good, because it means that no matter your budget or even if you can’t buy anything new for a season, loving your own style and embracing it make dressing fun. Adding little touches to an outfit, like a scarf, really make your personality shine.

  2. Dana ( September 17, 2013 at 8:02 PM #

    These outfits are beyond cute! I may adapt them to my age and size.

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