Teen Clothing Trends | Gold Necklaces | Celebrate the Fall Season!

25 Nov

Finally we are expecting some cooler weather and Floridians everywhere are running for their closets to grab their cozy “winter wear”.  I love autumn and the beautiful colors and comfy clothing that it brings.  My daughter shares my love of all things Fall and put together some of her own ideas for the season.  Here are some teen clothing and jewelry essentials for Fall!

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad get trendy for Fall!

The Staples

Basics in your closet never go out of style. This is where you want to spend a little more for quality, wear-ability and durability. Colors to always have at hand are Navy, Black, Khaki, Grey, Orange and of course denim. Purchase pants and solid tops in these colors. Add printed or solid tops, jackets and sweaters to mix and match. You’ll be set for the entire year with these colors in your teen’s wardrobe.

Always have a white button down shirt handy as it goes with everything. A jean jacket never goes out of style and a variety of leather belts are a good idea. Add leggings and a body suit as they are very trendy this season with riding boots.

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad get trendy for Fall!


The trend this year will be animal prints and lots of bling! You can accessorize with a multitude of scarves and [sponsored] gold necklaces that are available at great prices.  Gold jewelry, whether yellow or white, is so beautiful against the Fall clothing colors. Sometimes you can find the best items at second hand stores or by shopping online during the Black Friday madness. I’m asking Santa for the Lariat Bar necklace that is so popular this year.

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad get trendy for Fall!


If you live in a climate that involves colder weather or snow, tweeds and wool blends are a good choice for warmth. Pair your outfit with a cute pair of gloves and hat to protect your exposed skin (well, just to be cute if you live in Florida).

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad get trendy for Fall!

Fall colors will brighten any skin tone and keeps you looking beautiful throughout the season. Mix color combinations by layering flannel shirts over tees and mix tones with your jewelry and accessories. I love the new layered gold necklace look; just buy them in different lengths and you’ll be on trend.

Create your own customized jacket with vintage fabrics from @WildWonderland.Stitch

If like my daughter, you prefer to dress in neutrals, then use your jewelry to dress up the outfit and really sparkle. AU-Rate offers many beautiful choices in necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad get trendy for Fall!

Buy items that you love and can wear with multiple outfits. My daughter fell in love with her comfy boots and managed to make them look cute with just about every outfit she’s wearing lately.

If you have the room, hang on to classic items as they always come back in style. Most importantly, love what you wear and make it your own!

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad get trendy for Fall!

Fashion lifts your mood and helps you feel beautiful. Great colors, inexpensive jewelry, accessories and comfy fabrics are the best choices this time of year. Have fun and experiment with things that wouldn’t normally go together to create a new look. Who knows? You may just come up with the next big trend!

What is your favorite Fall item to wear?

Hovering High and Low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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