Keeping our family healthy with the Swaive Thermometer!

4 Nov

Every mom’s biggest fear is that her child will become ill and suffer from pain before we figure out what’s wrong.  The younger your child is, the harder it can be to diagnose the symptoms or cause behind the pain.

Beloved would often cry for no apparent reason when she was a toddler, and never seemed to hint as to what was wrong.  So we would go through the usual song and dance of bringing her a drink, changing her diaper or simply rocking her in our arms.No need to cry at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

If none of those solutions worked, we would inevitably end up at the pediatrician’s office; worried and scared.  As happens with toddlers, she would be reacting to an ear infection or erupting tooth.  Sometimes on the way to the appointment, a fever would break out and her crying would escalate.

It’s so rough to watch your little ones in pain and not feeling well.  Driving in the car would leave me and Just Plane Dad without the proper tools to diagnose her further.  We had to wait until we could be seen by the doctor.  If only we had the Swaive Thermometer back then.

Swaive Thermometer at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #ad


Swaive was kind enough to work with the Bloggy Moms Insider’s Program and allowed us to try out The World’s Most Intelligent Ear Thermometer.  We totally found it useful, accurate and an easy way to check body temperature.  So glad its now an addition to our medicine cabinet.


The Swaive Thermometer is technology at its finest.  It syncs quickly with the Swaive Thermometer App on your phone or Apple Watch and then keeps a history of everyone in the family.  So if you forget to bring that list you made to the doctor’s appointment, you can simply show them the app data.  And if you want to take it with you, the Swaive Thermometer has its own carrying case; perfect for traveling.  Pretty cool right?  


Matter of fact, here’s what you get in the box:

  • Swaive Thermometer and carrying case
  • 21 hygienic covers for the tip
  • AA batteries
  • User manual


It also has its own LED night light for checking your kid’s temps throughout the night.  No more stubbing your toe on the way to the bed-cuz’ you know that’s gonna wake them up.  Simply use the light to guide you to their ear.  You’re in and out in seconds.


And for those of us mamas that may have trouble seeing those little tiny numbers on traditional thermometers, Swaive’s got you covered with a large, easy to read LED display.  It’s designed to be the easiest thermometer to use in the world.  And it is.

Swaive Thermometer at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #ad


Simply put it in the ear, press the button and the temperature is instantly displayed on the thermometer and the app. We even tested it out on Tukker the family dog and quickly read the results.  Sounds crazy, but it’s just one more tool to help us keep our family healthy.



We’re excited to be giving away one Swaive Thermometer!  Head over to Bloggy Mom’s to enter by leaving a comment on their post.  The giveaway ends Saturday, November 7th so hurry.

Thank you to Swaive for making this giveaway possible! Be sure to connect with them at the links below. | Swaive Thermometer at | Twitter | Facebook

The Swaive Thermometer will give parents everywhere piece of mind.  Why don’t you donate one to your child’s daycare or school nurse today?  

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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