Summer Memories Series-The End with Dan Morris

27 Aug

summer memories

THE END of our Summer Memories Series is brought to us by

Dan Morris of Blogging Concentrated.

It’s funny as I sit here thinking of summer memories, I can’t seem to separate the “child-brain” memory from my adult view of it. I think some of the joy of our experiences is based on our knowledge level at the time. Just think of your Christmas morning memories. . . what we experienced not knowing about Santa is a whole lot different from our memory of it as adults. Sometimes I wish I could “feel” that excitement instead of just remembering that I was excited.

Anyway, I’ll start by saying “I am an Air Force brat.” Summer meant one of two things growing up. Either I was moving or my friends were. I cringe as I write that because it sounds so sad. But I don’t remember having sad feelings about it. While it’s not easy making new friends all the time and I’m sure there were sad moments, for some reason I’ve actually lost some of the sad memories. I think they just weren’t that poignant. AND once we made friends all the good memories took over.

Plus as sad as it is to lose friends, if we hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t know my friend Lisa in Des Moines, my friend Shauna in Anchorage or my friend Mike in Atlanta. Sure I lost touch with quite a few of the people I’ve met. . . but that’s just part of life for everyone. The friends I have are the best a guy could ask for.

I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to have had one good friend my whole life. My best friend Mark I met as a sophomore in high school. I can’t imagine our friendship being better had I known him longer.  And I wouldn’t trade what I had if I could.

One thing about summer was pretty constant; our family spent the 4th of July together. Sometimes we spent it alone in a new city because we had just moved there and didn’t really know anyone.  Other times we were the neighborhood “experts” and everyone came with us.  No matter, the 4th of July was always the beginning of something special.

One of the very best things about being a military brat was seeing the 4th of July Fireworks shows in lots of places. I got to see John Williams’ final performance with the Boston Pops one year, I got to sit on top of the College World Series stadium and get covered in ash as the fireworks fell back to earth. I’ve sat on a picnic blanket and watched the fireworks over Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, and watched Nashville’s downtown fireworks from a high-rise. And even the small shows were good. Being in a new place all the time made the shows that much more exciting.

For me the fireworks are a time of family. Unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas were there is so much emphasis placed on the food and the presents, the 4th of July is really about time together, exploration and new friends. I hope it becomes a great memory for my kids, too.



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