Summer Memories Series-Part 9

13 Aug

summer memories

Part 9 of our Summer Memories Series is brought to us by

Stephanie Chavers of Bee Tree Studios.


I was asked to share my favorite childhood memory and, to be honest, that’s kind of hard.  Most of my favorite childhood memories have to do with spending time with family at my grandparents house.  It was the place that everyone gathered at for birthdays, summer break, holidays and just for fun on the weekends.

fun at the zoo

My grandmother was always baking cookies and my grandfather would be working down in his workshop carving something.  I loved that every year he would carve a Santa for each person in the household.  We still have all of them and they are put up each Christmas!

fun in the summer

Family has been an important part of Stephanie’s childhood and that drove her to create her Project Life album, “My Life in Review“. Check out Stephanie on FaceBook and Twitter.  You can see more of her beautiful photography on Pinterest.

Stephanie Chavers

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