Summer Memories Series-Part 8

30 Sep

summer memories

Part 8 of our Summer Memories Series is brought to us by

Nancy Reyes of Things That Make People Go Aww.


I think back to my childhood and of all the memories I have and the one that stands out the most is our summer vacations down at the Jersey Shore.  What can u say about the Jersey Shore?


As a child, we looked forward to going to the beach and the boardwalk.  Every year my family and my two aunts along with their families, would pack up the station wagon and spend at least two weeks down there.  The biggest thing to us back then was going crabbing.  Having learned how to crab when I was younger, it wasn’t a big thing to teach my nieces how to.



seaside cafe on jersey shore

Photo courtesy of Adam Elmquist

Daddy would take us all in the ocean and swim us out to where the biggest waves were crashing.  Mommy and my aunts would be screaming at him; he didn’t care he loved it!  Then we would go eat the biggest piece of pizza from the Sawmill Cafe and head out to play games.  Back then they were a dime and and we could play for hours.


I remember going on the rides and thinking there was nothing to be scared of.  I remember as a teenager going down for the day with my friend and sister-in-law to meet up with my family and going into the haunted house.  Laying on the side of the ride was a character dressed up like “Jason from Halloween” and my friend mentioned how he looked almost real.  The next thing I know he’s on the back of the ride and she’s screaming.  It was so funny!  Hearing my aunts scream made me laugh-bonus!


Nancy’s word of wisdom:

All I can say is, cherish the memories you have, because those are what you will have once your parents and loved ones have gone to heaven.


nancy reyes

You can find Nancy hanging out with her best friend, her hubby of 17 years, and often a dog or 2 4 and a cat or 2 3.  She loves blogging, cooking, reading and trying out new recipes.  In her spare time, she loves writing poems and short stories.  Visit her on FaceBook and Twitter.

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