Summer Memories Series-Part 5

30 Jul

summer memories

Part 5 of our Summer Memories Series is brought to us by

Tiffany Isgriggs.  


During the summer when I was younger, my parents always tried their best to find fun things to do as a family.  We visited amusements parks, fairs and many other enjoyable places.  I have countless memories of swimming in the river, pools, and even the ocean.   One year, we were even able to choose what we wanted and decided on a new pool for our house.  We always had a blast.

When trying to figure out what elaborate memory I would write about from my childhood summers, I couldn’t help but continually think of a particular one.

It was the 4th of July around the time I was 8 or 9 years old.  Each year, the small town we lived in put on a fireworks show and each year we usually went to enjoy the festivities.  This particular year, the 4th came in the middle of the week and both of my parents had to return to work the next day.  They had decided that we would skip the fireworks and head to bed instead.  I was completely devastated.  I had always enjoyed watching the fireworks and really wanted to be able to do so again that year.

Reluctantly I went to bed, upset I wouldn’t be able to go.  Not too long after falling asleep my mom woke me up.  I was told to stay in my pajamas and to get in the car.  On the way there, my parents finally told me that we were going to watch the fireworks.  We were able to find a place away from where everyone usually gathered.  My mom had brought a blanket from the car and we sat on the ground and watched the fireworks together.  I was so excited!

This is most likely my favorite memory, because it brought me such joy.  It was such as simple thing my parents did, but still has stayed with me until today.  It meant more to me that my parents had sacrificed more of their time and even sleep to do something as little as watching a 20 minute fireworks show just to make me happy.

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