Summer Memories Series-Part 3

26 Aug

summer memories

Part 3 of our Summer Memories Series is brought to us by

Crystal Green of Tidbits of Experience.

I don’t have very many memories from my childhood that were all that great. However, my mom did honestly try to give me a solid life. She decided to take us on a small vacation just the two of us.

She took us on a cattle drive. It sounded like a wonderful idea. I had to be a big shot and choose the most rowdy horse the place had, and spent more time trying to keep her in line than anything else all weekend long. Yet, that horse knew how to round up cattle.

She knew how to do it so well, that she forgot she had a rider on her back. It was pouring down rain, and we were trying to round up a huge herd of cattle along the river. Well, some of the cattle decided to try to swim away. This mare didn’t want to hear of that. She took off after those cows ducking under branches (and I wasn’t able to keep up with her actions and was getting beat up by the branches.) Then she went right on into the river after those cows.

If you ever rode a horse, you know that trying to ride one while they are swimming is near impossible. So, I was literally hanging onto the saddle horn getting soaked to the bone from the river and the rain, and this mare was plainly making darn certain those cows got back with the rest of the herd.

The whole time my mom and the rest of the crew were watching this from the sidelines and laughing at us. (Mainly me!) When we finally got back to the land and I was back on this cotton pickin’ mare, everyone praised the tar out of me for being able to stick with this ornery mare through it all. The mare literally strutted her stuff all the way back to the barn. I have to admit I felt a lot of pride too.

It was my favorite memory because my mom was very proud of me. Plus it was the first time that I was able to show my riding ability to her. She spent loads of money on riding lessons and it had finally paid off. It also opened the doors to us forming the small bond we had.

crystal green

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