Stay healthy this winter with vaccines; stay warm with the #GiveAShot program.

25 Sep

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As a person living and dealing with asthma, I am very aware of the need to pay attention to my health.  I’ve had asthma since childhood however  the FDA recently recommended the flu shot and pneumonia vaccine to all people suffering from it.  The winter viruses have gotten so aggressive lately that they pose a real threat to people like me with compromised lung capacity.  Thankfully, Walgreens is right around the corner.

Walgreens front door with banner

My primary care physician is located in another town so this year, I’ve decided to make a not-so-fun task easier and get my vaccines at Walgreens.  I come from a long line of healthcare workers so I know how important it is to protect yourself.  Walgreens makes it so easy to simply walk-in and get your flu shot.  They accept my insurance and there’s hardly ever a wait time.  I also feel like I get to spend a little more time on my questions rather than be hurried out the door.  15 minutes in and out and I’m protected for the upcoming year.  Check out what I saw inside the store on this trip.


Do I like getting shots?  Nope, not one bit, but as I leave I remember the reasons that I want to stay protected.  Besides that I want to be around a long time to pester my hubby and daughter (ha hah), my family believes in giving back to our community and I spend a lot of time with children and the elderly.  Sadly, these groups are the ones hit hardest by disease.


#GiveAShot program

I’m giving a child a shot at travel the World!

I get my immunizations so that I can continue to visit the local assisted living facility and hear the amazing stories of life from my “adopted” grandma’s.  I no longer have my grandparents and volunteering helps warm my heart and hopefully theirs.  I don’t want to risk making myself or my elderly friends ill by not getting vaccinated against disease.


I also like to engage in activities with my church. During Halloween, our sister church from Kenya does an exchange program where adults and kids from Africa come over to worship with us.  Since theirs is a country ravaged by disease particularly Hepatitis, I would not be able to participate in the great pumpkin patch sale with them if not for up-to-date vaccinations.  I do not want to compromise my health of my families.


Speaking of children overseas, Walgreens has partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s Shot at Life campaign.  With this program, they will donate a life-saving vaccine to needy children for every person that gets their flu vaccineThis is a perfect opportunity to take care of yourself and save a child’s life…3 million lives to be exact.  Talk about good karma!

immunization brochures

Don’t worry if you’ve already had some of your immunizations, Walgreens also offers these vaccines:

  • Shingles
  • Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
  • HPV
  • Hepatitis B
  • and many more…

AND, if you aren’t sure which immunizations you need, Walgreens offers a free assessment.

Hurry in before October 14th and Get A Shot. Give A Shot.


Are you up to date on all your vaccines?

Will you save a child’s life this weekend by getting your flu shot for winter?

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