Spin Into Action with Champion for Kids #Spinbrush4Kids

3 Jul

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Our family has been so deeply touched by the children in foster care.  My sister and her family have been foster parents for years.  Throughout the years, we have met, spent time with and made many children a part of our lives.  Some of the children come directly from their hospital birth to my sister’s arms and most stayed for months and occasionally years.

billboard for foster care program

Each child has a specific story that has impacted their short lives and you can’t help but fall in love with them after hearing what they went through.  It’s not uncommon for the children, particularly babies, to be dropped off in only the outfit they are wearing.  None of them come with simple necessities like clothing, diapers, food or toothbrushes.

My sister said this about getting her “kids” to brush:

Foster kids, just like every kid, just want to fit in.  In our family when a new child came to live with us, their new “fun” toothbrush (character, special color, etc) was available right where the other kids had their toothbrush.  It was never a question of forcing kids to have good oral hygiene because they just followed what the other kids were doing when they brushed and flossed.  It was just another family activity like dinner.  When we wake up and before bed, we all take care of our teeth!


Did You Know? Tooth decay remains one of the most common diseases of childhood. Children living in poverty suffer twice as much tooth decay as their more affluent peers, and their disease is more likely to go untreated.

tooth tunes toothbrush

This is why Champions for Kids felt it so important to offer their “Spin Into Action” simple service project.


We know personally how important it is to care for your teeth.  Even with regular dental care, which is very expensive, cavities happen and they need to be taken care of.  Beloved goes to the dentist regularly and we’re diligent about oral hygiene but she’s had to have repairs.  So now imagine the children that don’t have twice yearly care because they lack insurance or simply money to pay for it.

Our family has been blessed with opportunities to help others so we decided this was an important project to get behind.  Let’s face it, tooth brushing isn’t all that thrilling and it’s one of those tasks that kids don’t necessarily enjoy. 

Arm and Hammer found a great way to combat this.  They created the musical Tooth Tunes SpinBrush.  Kids brush away while listening to their favorite songs.  They barely notice that they’ve brushed for the required 2 minutes.  Dentists everywhere are cheering since they have been trying to get kids to brush more often and for longer periods of time.  

#spinbrush4kids toothbrushes

We really wanted to make a contribution to our local foster care parent association (Hillsborough Co Family Partnership Alliance) since they have the challenging task of supporting local families.  The foster care program is plagued with money deficits and lack of staff.  Even if the case managers wanted to supply their charges with what they’ll need in their new home; truth is, they can’t.  There are just too many children that live without.  It truly is a sad situation.

The great news is that my family (and yours) can provide kids with items they’ll need for their journey.  Walmart has shelves full of SpinBrushes, toothpaste and floss.  We decided to create little brushing kits that could easily be packed and sent with each child.  Rinsing, swishing and spitting are integral parts of brushing so we included washcloths and cups in their packages.  They turned out so cute; check them out

floss, toothbrush and #Spinbrush4Kids donation

I love that by helping other teenagers (yes they are in the foster system too), Beloved realizes how important her teeth are and why we constantly nag about keeping them in tip top shape.  She also gets reinforcement of a life lesson…be happy with what you have…some kids have nothing.  It’s so fulfilling to see her participate and truly recognize the need for helping our local community.  It is far easier to look the other way and ignore the truths around you-thank God we can’t.

If you’d like to participate in the Champions for Kids SpinBrush “Spin Into Action” simple service project, check out their website and gather up your friends.  We can do a lot alone, but together, so much more.

Stop by and visit Arm and Hammer’s FaceBook and Twitter page.  Tell them which Tooth Tunes Spinbrush you bought!

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