Speed up your mornings with McCafé premium coffee

11 Dec

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As a busy mom that works outside the home, I constantly look for ways to streamline my morning routine.  Yes, I could wake up an hour earlier, but come on, who wants to do that?  I’d rather hit that snooze button and rely on products to do the heavy work!  McCafé coffee pods from Walmart are now “Santa’s Mom’s little helper”. Use #McCaféMyWay to fast track your mornings.

McCafé coffee and thermos #McCaféMyWay #CollectiveBias #shop


When my daughter was younger, I’d have a lot more tasks to do in the morning.  Making lunches, picking out clothes and the dreaded school car line topped the list. Now that she can do all of these things fend for herself, my to do list is filled with household chores that keep our humble abode running like clockwork. I much prefer to get these things done (or at least started) in the morning so that I can spend my evenings enjoying the family.  Since I know that I’m on a time limit before work, I tend to move faster too.
#McCaféMyWay #CollectiveBias #shop

I found McCafé coffee pods and strangely enough, they keep me on track in the morning and save me time in the evenings.  I drink coffee throughout my day so each morning I fill my giant thermos with the good stuff.  McCafé is premium quality coffee made from 100% Arabica beans (not to be confused with the green or string varieties!). McCafé pods brew up super fast so I use them as my built in timer.

I put in the first coffee pod to brew and gather up a load of clothes to throw in the washer.


I put in my second and third pods while feeding the dog, throwing dishes in the sink or simply deciding on dinner that night.

#McCaféMyWay #CollectiveBias #shop


Most of the time, McCafé is done brewing before I’m finished, but since this is my game…I declare myself the winner and nobody has to know!  Hey, whatever works.  I feel the pressure to hurry through my chores and hardly notice that I’m getting a jump start on my list.   And if I’m feeling less than enthusiastic upon rising, I love that I can simply grab and take my pods with me to work.  How cool is that?  Pocket coffee!

McCafe brewing in Keurig #McCaféMyWay #CollectiveBias #shop

If you want to see if you can beat the McCafé timer, click the video below and GO!  You’ve got fifty seconds to complete your chore!

Arriving home at night, I change the laundry over, prepare dinner and load the pre-soaked dishes into the noise machine for a final scrub.  Now I’m off to hold down the couch with Just Plane Dad and Beloved.  I love that I save time on housekeeping without taking time away from my loved ones.


McCafé coffee comes in 8 different flavors (Hazelnut rocks!) and your local Walmart may be hosting a demo on 12/18-12/21.  Look for it at Walmart sandwiched between the coffee filters and boxed creamer.  Don’t you want to sneak over there with the other moms who now know my secret?  Promise your hubby a sample and he’ll go with you.  Just Plane Dad prefers their ground coffee and brews it in our regular coffeemaker; tastes the same but I’m in love with those little pods; aren’t they cute? 

#McCaféMyWay #CollectiveBias #shop


Since he normally has alot leftover (not sure why he insists on brewing a full pot each day) we’ve found a clever way to reuse the leftover coffee in recipes like Mocha Dream cupcakes or Tiramisu.  If you need more inspiration, check out the Cooking Up Good website in the Kraft Walmart Hub.  It has recipes, sweepstakes, coupons and more!

Are you doing any holiday baking?  What is your favorite recipe made with coffee? Share it with us in the comments and we’ll try it out! 



Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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