Shopping with Kids can be quite an experience (yes we have a teen daughter!)

12 Oct

My daughter and I enjoy shopping at the mall. It is a bonding experience for us. It is not however a bonding experience for my wallet as cash seems to regularly fly out of it at every stop!

Normally we just head out to have some fun and randomly drool on the storefront windows, but today we actually have a mission. Beloved wants to find an outfit for an event that she’ll be attending. The invite was unexpected so we haven’t exactly had time to plan what we are looking for…this frightens me!

After an hour and a half of casual looking and racing from store to store, she selects a cute dress that will be perfect for the party.

girl standing by lake

The coffee shop is calling my name. Beloved detests the smell of coffee but since I’ve just suffered through every teen store in the mall, we’re stopping anyway. I mention that it would be so nice if my only child, who I gave birth to and have lovingly raised, would buy me a coffee.

            “What, with my money?”

“Um, yes, with your money. I’m buying the outfit with MY money so you certainly can spare $4 for some java.”

            “Why do I have to buy it?”

And so it starts. Let me count the ways (and reasons) why you should buy this for dear ‘ole Mom. Instead of throwing up my hands in frustration, I restrain myself and take this opportunity to discuss how money works.

money coins

My darling daughter, money does not grow on trees.  Just Plane Dad and I have to work very hard to make our pay. 40+ hours each week…hard. Luckily for you, money is just handed over for your necessities and all those fun things that you want to do. AND it’s given to you because we want you to enjoy yourself and we know that at your age, you don’t really have another means of obtaining it.

One day you will apply for a job, work your cute little butt off everyday and obtain that ever coveted paycheck! You will be expected to purchase all of the things that you need with just the money you make. As an adult, you won’t have a parent to turn to when the mortgage is due; you’ll be paying it. Yes, there are alternatives and borrowing money is sometimes necessary, but for the most part, you will be earning the life you lead.

Beloved appeared to be taking this all in and I felt a tiny breakthrough in her understanding of where the “moola” comes from. Her beautiful blue eyes seemed to deeply ponder the cycle of work, earn, pay and spend. And then she opened her mouth and my perfect vision was shattered.

           “Do you mind getting the small one?”

Oh dear, dear daughter. Bottom line-you’re buying my Frap!

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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