Save on mobile phone bills with the My Way Student mobile plan

16 Dec

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Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores and Sprint are teaming up for the My Way Student promotion and I just had to check it out.  Anytime the words FREE and cell phone service are in the same sentence, it’s worth looking into.  The new student mobile plan promises to help me save on mobile phone bills for my first year.  Great news!

 Best Buy flyer

We pretty much live at the shopping mall during the holiday season and while we dopped off teddy bears for the hospital charity drive, I noticed this huge banner hanging in the window of our local Best Buy Specialty Stores.  The banner mentioned a promotion for students and I wanted more information. It was extremely crowded as we passed by so I went online to look for more details.  I found that our local store offers appointment times (even better) so I made one for an hour later figuring we’d be done with our errand and dinner by then.

 teddy bear donations

The online scheduler was simple to use and really saves me time while shopping as I don’t have to keep checking back at the store to see if they are busy.  Believe me, this time of year; they’re busy!  I started thinking how convenient is would be if other stores accepted appointments, particularly when you have your younger children with you.  You could easily shop until they drop and book your appointment while they’re napping.  Or if you’re at our mall, while they are distracted by the carousel for a few minutes.  Nice!

 Best Buy Mobile Specialty Store scheduler Carousel at the mall

Dan the store leader greeted us warmly when we arrived and lucky for us (Beloved joined me), we were the only 7pm appointment.  I had a lot of questions and it was nice to ask them in peace without feeling rushed.  Take note, other stores in the mall.  Dan was very knowledgeable about the student mobile plan and even helped me compare the benefits to my current provider; essentially Sprint was a bit more economical.

 student looking at phones #APlusPlan #shop #cbias looking at phones

Since Just Plane Dad and I spend a lot of money each month on cell phone service, the new My Way Student promotion intrigued me.  Essentially, you pay the price of a new mobile phone and your student receives the first year of service for free which includes unlimited calling, unlimited texting and 1GB of data.  Yes, your first mobile phone fees will “seem” higher but when you factor in that you’re not paying again for one year; it’s really not.  Beloved was thrilled that if she switches she can keep her old phone number.  

 Samsung Galaxy mobile phone

For those parents with kids that are data hogs (like mine), you can upgrade to the unlimited data plan for only $10/month.  Dan explained that any student is allowed the promotion and there are a few requirements to meet.


I thought the MY WAY STUDENT promotion would be a good idea for teens heading off to college, like Beloved soon enough.  You can give them money for Christmas to buy the phone and then as they spend their freshman year adjusting to life outside your home; it will be one less bill they have to worry about.  And since it will be free service, all of you Helicopter Mom’s like me; don’t have to worry about losing contact when their phone gets shut off!


I hadn’t ever shopped at a Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores before and I was impressed with their level of customer service; he let me ask tons of questions and even take photos of some of the phones that I was considering like the Samsung GS4 Mini which has an additional offer right now for only $349.99.  The store is an intimate setting, with lower pendant lights and upgraded cabinetry.  I wasn’t prepared for the amount of inventory in this little store.  It’s definitely a one-stop shop that’s perfect for moms like me that need to pop in/out quickly with their long lists to buy.

 Cell phone accessories hanging on display

Dan also mentioned that once on the plan, you will get a text to remind you when your free year is up.  That’s nice considering most students simply forget to pay their bills once they move on their own and you don’t want their cool new gadget shutting off.


Another service that I appreciate as I’m running through the mall with arms full of bags is Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores and Sprint’s commitment to the environment.  If you purchase your new phone while out shopping, instead of lugging the old one around with you, they offer a trade in value.  Beloved’s iPhone had a $120 trade in value; not too shabby.  No worries if your old phone doesn’t have value, they will recycle it for free.  One less thing to carry around and you save the Earth.  My hippie daughter loved that!


My only suggestion to Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores and Sprint would be to start the promotion during the back-to-school season.  I think that is when I would most be thinking of purchasing a new phone; not so much during the holiday rush.  I guess kids, particularly teenagers, don’t have a “season” for buying the best electronics; hence the need to start the promotion now.

 Best Buy store front

Hurry, this #APlusPlan promotion runs through January 4th and it just might be the answer you’re looking for as your student prepares to leave the nest or return to school.  For more details you can visit the My Way Student promotion page or check out Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores on Twitter.


Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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