Sargento Natural Cheese goes anywhere!

9 Oct

We received these complimentary products from Influenster for testing purposes.  It was an honor to work with Influenster and their client Sargento. influenster

Our family loves cheese, highest on our list are cheese sticks.  We always seem to have them in our refrigerator as our “go-to” snack.  So imagine our thrill when we received our VoxBox in the mail and opened it to reveal a voucher for FREE CHEESE.

Not just cheese, Sargento Natural Cheese…sounds better doesn’t it?  The voucher was redeemable for a free packet of cheese and included another coupon for $1 off another package.  We grabbed the Sargento Mozzarella string cheese and the Colby Jack sticks.  Both flavors are delicious but my personal fave is the Co-Jack.

sargento cheese stick holder

Since our family takes their lunch to work each day, I decided to get creative with the cheese.  Today we had turkey cheese wraps.

  • Start with a Sargento Natural Cheese stick, any flavor.
  • Roll it up in a piece of Turkey (or other lunch meat) until it’s covered.
  • Now take a 6”burrito wrapper and add your condiment of choice.  I like spicy mustard.  Spread evenly.
  • Place the meat/cheese roll onto the wrap and roll away.  That’s it!

Make several of these little snacks for after school or to take in a cooler to your kid’s sports activities and they’ll be getting a nutritious snack that’s sure to hold them over until the next meal.

The best part of the VoxBox was that we also received a cute little travel cheese koozi. You stick your string cheese into the packet, close the Velcro lid and your cheese stays cool all day.  We found it easier to keep the koozi right in our cheese drawer.  Makes it easier to find and “pre-cools” it for the day.

Head to your grocery, grab some Sargento Natural Cheese and taste the difference.  It’s absolutely delicious.  You can show them some love on Facebook and share your snack ideas on Twitter using #ChooseSargentoCheese.

Bon appétit, hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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