Pocket Protein KIDZ is a healthy snack alternative

29 Nov

As Moms, we are always on the lookout for healthier snack options for our children.  And it seems the older our children are, the more they require.  Any parent with teens or sports enthusiast kids can tell you that nutrition is a huge pain getting right.  Thankfully, Pocket Protein Kidz has an answer.

pocket protein KIDZ

Pocket Protein Kidz has created a new product that is nutritionally sound and they offered Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad a chance to try it out.  I worry as a woman whether I’m getting the right amount of protein and I have the same fears for my daughter and gymnast niece.  We were provided samples to try that have 7 grams (Kidz) and 15 grams (WOMENS) of protein in each pack and were thrilled with the taste and cute easy to hold packaging.

In order to get this amazing gluten, nut, lactose and GMO free, artificial coloring/sweeteners free product onto the shelves, Pocket Protein Kidz needs your help!  The company is currently holding a crowdfunding campaign to help launch the product. They are almost halfway to their goal, and the deadline of December 3 is looming!  By making a pledge to fund Pocket Protein Kidz, you can score some of your own AND give some to kids in need.

This Thanksgiving weekend, Pocket Protein has a special discount running for our readers.  You’ll get 20% off your pre-orders if you use promo code HELICOPTER.  And all readers that pre-order get entered to win a $500 Visa gift card!  Sweepstakes rules are found here.  Hurry though as the discount ends Sunday night!

Pocket Protein KIDZ Crowd Funding Video from PocketProtein, Inc on Vimeo.

Pocket Protein Kidz is a great option for parents when lean meats, cheeses or yogurt just won’t work.  They are so portable that they are perfect for sticking in a gym bag on the go.  Pocket Protein Kidz is 7 grams of a proprietary blend of hydrolyzed collagen protein and whey protein isolate.  And most importantly, Pocket Protein Kidz adheres to all the same FDA oversights and regulations as milk or juice.  Parents can be confident in the safety of the products.

FACT: Our Children Are Surrounded with Unhealthy Carbs and Fast Food.

  • Our children sleep through afternoon classes.
  • Their physical health and mental performance is suffering.
  • Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions.
  • Type 2 Diabetes in children is on the rise.

FACT: We Know Heart Healthy Protein is Critical.

  • Builds Strong Muscles & Bones
  • Supports their Immunity Systems
  • Keeps them Feeling Fuller Longer
  • Helps them Focus at School

Stop worrying about how you’ll keep your finicky eaters healthy.  Pocket Protein Kidz has the answer.  Order today.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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