Teen Bathoom Makeover + PlumbTile accessories

9 Jul

This post is sponsored by PlumbTile and includes our daughter’s teen bathroom makeover wish list. #bath

We moved into our current home about 15 years ago when our daughter was just a tiny little thing.  Having left the military, this was our first permanent home and we set out to make it our own.  Back then (even now), Beloved was intrigued by animals of all kinds and adamantly decided that her bathroom be a fish theme. Seemed fitting at the time since fish are in water, water is in the tub, etc.  We spent hours (so much fun with a 4 year old) picking out her favorite colors and borders and finally decided on a blue and yellow theme.  Where was PlumbTile back then?

Teen bathroom makeover with Plumbtile on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Fast forward to present day and our grown up girl now wants an updated bathroom that reflects her style as a young adult.  We both know better than to spend any amount of time with Just Plane Dad at the home improvement center so we hopped onto Plumbtile’s bathroom design showroom to create a wish list of items.  I love that ordering online saves me time and the inevitable argument in aisle five.

Beloved loves the ocean and all things simple and elegant; blue currently tops her favorite color choice.  She’s immediately drawn to the Brizo bathroom sinks so we build the rest of her bathroom around this beautiful Roman faucet.

PlumbTile design on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #bath #ad

The website offers so many amazing decorating ideas and choices to fit everyone’s budget and style.  Beloved found this photo for inspiration and we simply added the items to our cart that she thought matched.  She knew exactly what she wanted but if you’re not quite sure and just know that you need a change, check out their DIY section for beautiful ideas.

PlumbTile design on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #bath #ad

Teens aren’t the most patient so I was happy to see that PlumbTile offers online chat to answer my questions about shipping times.  The rep explained that they offer free shipping and tax free to Florida so I’ll save a ton of money right there.  Secondly, the items ship out quickly and can be here in time for our weekend renovation.

I’m happy that we found PlumbTile right when we needed them most.  Beloved’s thrilled to be getting her grown up bathroom and as her Mom, I’m happy when she’s happy.


What project do you need to get started on?  Are you ready to DIY?

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Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

PS: Don’t tell Just Plane Dad but I may have found my next bathroom project.  Oh yeah, they have kitchen design too! 

PlumbTile design on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #bath #ad

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