PEDIGREE® wants to hear our dog’s story; yours too!

12 Oct

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias Inc. and it’s advertiser.  All opinions are ours. #PedigreeGives food to dogs in need.  This post is all about our love for our adopted dog.

Pets become part of your family the moment you first lay eyes on them.  Something magical happens between an owner and their dog.  PEDIGREE® has been a part of these moments since our family’s journey began with Tukker, 11 years ago.  I’m thrilled to share his story with you.

Tukker and PEDIGREE help feed dogs in need on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #PedigreeGives #ad

We’ve always wanted to help dogs in need and decided that pet adoption was the only choice for our family.  We scoured the internet and found this scruffy looking little dog that just seemed to be “the one”.  He and his sister had been rescued by a lovely lady from a shelter overrun with unwanted animals.  We were introduced to this dirty, mangled, dark mass of fur with the most beautiful brown eyes we’d ever seen.  We knew he had to be ours. His sister also found a family of her own that day.

CLYDE (Tukker’s name before adoption) and his litter mate sister BONNIE came to us from a high kill shelter in Miami.  They were as sweet as any puppies could be. They were Miniature Schnauzers with beautiful markings.  The shelter was basically a death sentence so friends helped get them out ASAP and up to our rescue home.  They were a mess and terribly thin. With TLC, they rallied and did pretty well at house training and were great in their crate, which they shared. We figured he was around 10 weeks old.  We were so excited when he found a loving home.  What more can we say about such a sweet little one that was so full of life and love? -Lori of Heidi’s Legacy rescue home

Our first adventure with Tukker was the day we brought him home, or more accurately took him to be groomed before bringing him home.

In went this hot little mess.

Tukkers story for Pedigree Pet Month #PedigreeGives #ad


Out came this beautiful puppy.

Our dog in the front yard during Pedigree Pet Month #PedigreeGives #ad

We were sure it was a different dog, after all he looked nothing like the dog we’d dropped off, they assured us it was Tukker.  He was a beautiful light gray and white dog, who knew?

Keeping Tukker healthy is always our top priority.  He loves food almost as much as he loves us.  We buy his  PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food in Chicken Flavor in the pet food aisle at Sam’s Club. We thought it would be a great idea to save money and buy the 55 pound bag…but seriously this bag is three times the size of Tukker.

PEDIGREE gives food to needy dogs on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #PedigreeGives #ad

PEDIGREE gives food to needy dogs on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #PedigreeGives #ad

So we did what seemed right and donated the extra kibble to our local county animal shelter.  I wish I could be there to see the other dogs drool over their new meal.  Tukker certainly thinks it’s delicious and I’ve got to admit, with the different colored veggie bites, it looks pretty good!

PEDIGREE Pet Month at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #PedigreeGives #ad

PEDIGREE Pet Month at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #PedigreeGives #ad

PEDIGREE Pet Month at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #PedigreeGives #ad

Even better, this whole month, whenever a PEDIGREE® product is purchased at Sam’s Club, you can feel great knowing that they will donate a bowl of food to a dog in need. I don’t know about you, but I just ❤ that. And since we already shop there, I can pick up his dog food without an extra trip.  Totally works for this busy lady.

PEDIGREE gives food to needy dogs on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #PedigreeGives #ad

Tukker’s life has been filled with so many wonderful events and also tragic ones.  He has stood by his family’s side, or laid by it if the circumstance warranted, for every last one:

  • Every Christmas and holiday
  • The death of family members (we still miss you)
  • Beloved’s high school graduation
  • My bout with cancer
  • Sookie Mae the rabbit moving in.  They’re best buds.
  • His own fight to survive against a horrible auto-immune disease.
Dr Waldrop and Tukker #PedireeGives #ad.png

Dr. Waldrop is now a member of our family. She loves Tukker as much as we do. We owe her for saving his life.

And through each and every moment of his life, Tukker has shown his family the true meaning of friendship, loyalty and trust.  He has no idea that he’s “just a dog”; and in our home, that phrase has never been uttered.

Tukker is so much more than the 20 pounds of fluff and fur that he inhabits.  He brought joy into our home after loss, he has warmed our feet with his tiny body and our hearts with his happy nature.  He is blissfully unaware that strangers exist and makes us smile every day with his crazy antics (can your dog “raise the roof”?)

Even as he ages and we move toward the inevitable end of his journey with our family, my thoughts clearly recall the day we met each other and that instant feeling of destiny within all of our souls.  Adoption is a blessing for the dog of course, but it was our family that was rescued.

How did you know your dog was “the one”?  

Doesn’t your dog deserve PEDIGREE® dog food?

Need to smile today?  Head over to the PEDIGREE® social hub and check out all of the cute dogs. They are irresistible.  Want a fun way to show off your dog?  Upload a photo to Instagram or Twitter using #LaterShelter and your favorite pet could be featured on You can tweet to Sam’s Club here.  PEDIGREE® will donate a bowl of food every time a photo is uploaded, so go feed that litter of puppies.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

PEDIGREE Pet Month at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #PedigreeGives #ad

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