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Thank you for visiting our blog!  Our readers are special to us and the purpose of our posts are to entertain you with stories of how we parent our daughter.  We hope that you enjoy the humor, love and lessons involved in each. 

A little about us; we’ve been married 26 years, have one amazing daughter and a bevy of animals which include turtles, a Dragon and a bunny.  Sadly, our family dog Tukker passed but he’ll forever remain in our hearts. We have moved from beach side Florida to the mountains of Tennessee.

We spent many years as a military family and still hold this calling high in our hearts.  Every day we thank God that we found each other and that we’ve been blessed with our girl.

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Helicopter Mom played by me, Cee Lee Reed:

I am the proverbial first child, older sibling, born under the Scorpio sign, perfectionist. I take this birthright to the extreme in most aspects of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Growing up, I was the adventurous risk taker and I often miss that laissez-faire attitude. I never dreamed of becoming a mother however I can no longer imagine my life without my daughter.  I pray a lot…A LOT.   Now for the not so nice qualities: I often find myself judging other parents.  I have tried to stop swearing on more than one occasion.  I enjoy a vulgar sense of humor.  I’m not bothered by others opinions of me.  At times, I am truly a hot mess. I freak out weekly, maybe more than that.  Every day, I try my best to be a great mom and wife.

Just Plane Dad played by my main man Khris:

My handsome hubby is the baby of his family, only son and born under the masculine sign of Aquarius; not that he cares one bit about the zodiac.  He is a man of few words which often works to my advantage.  He is my exact opposite in most ways. He’s kind and patient, understanding to a fault. I fully believe we’ve lasted this long together because of our immense love and his innate ability to put up with me. You won’t get a rise out of him no matter what, unless you’re skilled in the art of weaponry; which he can go on and on about for days.  He keeps this family grounded.  He loves me, most importantly, he gets me. I love him deeply and can’t imagine life without him. He gave me my Beloved baby girl.

Beloved played by a beautiful blonde haired, blue-eyed girl:

Our daughter, henceforth referred to as Beloved, is one amazing young adult that keeps us laughing and occasionally crying. She is a beautiful child and has no idea how intrigued the world is by her.  She is a compassionate friend and has never met an animal she didn’t love.  She did not inherit her parent’s excessive drive or penchant for perfection; she’s just happy to exist and muddle her way through life.  To keep with the zodiac theme we’ve got going, she is a Leo.  Yes, a Leo.  Stubborn, persistent, bossy, yet unbelievably generous and warmhearted, loving and faithful.  She is the best thing we’ve ever done.

The family pets played by Tukker (we will forever miss you), Suki Mae and Pyro:

dog in the front yard bunny close up
Pyro the Bearded Dragon

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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