Organize your whole family with a Filofax planner + DoodlePlan coloring video

15 Nov

MoMs need to be super efficient when you organize your whole family calendar. I am so glad that Filofax offered to help me get it together by sending me The Orginal Organizer in Fluoro Pink Leather and DoodlePlan Monthly Coloring Desk Pad to use when writing this post.  I love their products and brands and am honored to work with them. All opinions are my own and express my honest thoughts.

Organize the family with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Throughout Beloved’s school career, Just Plane Dad and I volunteered in every way possible for her school, church and extra-curricular activities.  Need a room mom?  Sign me up.  Need holiday snacks? Sign me up. Field day referee?  Dad’s there.  It seemed like a constant barrage of requests for our time and every one of them was equally important to Beloved so we had to be there. Life was chaotic and extremely fun.  Sticky notes adorned every inch of our refrigerator not already covered by coloring pages and grinning gap-toothed photos of our girl.

Organize the family with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

I felt organized and on top of things, really I did…but never managed to formally implement a system to control the chaos. We didn’t miss any events thankfully, but when I look back at the undue stress that my lack of a family calendar caused, I knew that it was important to help my MoM readers struggling with the same issues.

Enter The Orginal Organizer in Fluoro Pink Leather.  Don’t worry, if pink’s not your thing or you have boys, Filofax offers a ton of color options and designs.  Beloved is a nature loving kid that wants a brown colored leaf motif, but this is my story so Pink it is.  And this organizer is PINK!  Like, you can see it anywhere, used to have an 80’s pair of socks just like it, fluorescent pink.  *giddy with excitement

Organize the family with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

The organizer (planner) is a six ring binder system so I love that it’s fully customizable with inserts to fit every MoM’s needs. There are sections and tabs for calendar, contacts, birthdays and photos.  The options are limitless.  Mine came in A5 size (about 7*9″) which is perfect for on-the-go MoMs. It fits nicely into my over-sized everyday purse. You can stuff it full of your kid’s paperwork, crayon boxes and snacks and it will contain everything. Different sizes are available.

Organize the family with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Here’s how I use my organizer. I know that you’ll come up with your own ideas that work best for organizing your family calendar. I like to review my planner monthly, weekly and daily to be sure that I have everything updated.

1. Schedule Your Time


  • Fill in all of your personal appointments on the monthly calendar layout.
  • Block off any external work time and driving time.
  • Enter the days that you tidy up the home or pay bills.
  • Mark down any appointments that your kids and hubby have.
  • Schedule ME time. (Let’s face it, with little ones, even shower time can be difficult)

The point is that you want to get a high level view of everything you have planned for the month that you know about right now. Any new items are added to this calendar and can be copied over to the appropriate week/day view as the date approaches.



Once a week, usually Sunday night for me, I go over my monthly calendar and pull out the week’s items and add them to my weekly calendar view.  You may prefer to simply use the monthly page and if that works go for it. My monkey mind needs to write and rewrite things to really ingrain them!

  • Move items from the monthly calendar (don’t erase, just copy) onto the appropriate week.
  • Add in anything that came up since your monthly review. Believe me, there will be items.



Each day of the week, I review the weekly calendar and pull out which tasks I need to work on. I find it easier to put the day’s items onto the “dashboard”; an insert sheet, using a post it note or dry erase pen. Each night, erase the tasks that you completed and add tomorrow’s to it. Easy!

Sometimes, I will add the day’s tasks to the cute To-Do insert that came with my organizer.  Your choice!

Organize the family with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

2. Important Information

I have tabs in my organizer to keep track of important information.  Yes, I know that most of it is on my cell phone however, I like having a hard copy for quick use and ICE (in case of emergency).  How often have you lost your phone charge and been stuck? On the rare occasions, that my organizer isn’t with me, Just Plane Dad can quickly access the information he needs too.

  • Enter your Contacts. (doctors, friends, grandma, etc)
  • Carry a list of your family’s Medications. If you have an emergency, this info could save a life.
  • Keep a running list of birthday gifts. While we shop, I write down all of the hints that Beloved drops so when her special day or the holidays roll around, I already have a list of presents handy. And she’s usually forgotten about them so *bonus*. I also like using this instead of a phone list that the kids will ultimately find.
  • Keep a notebook for recording expenses, notes or mileage.

 Organize the family with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

3. Use the organizer as a Filing System

I’m busy so I don’t always get a chance to immediately look through every piece of mail or school paper that enters our home.  As our family’s CEO, I will have to address everything so I tuck all of this into my organizer for later.  The leather strap on my organizer will allow for a ton of stuff shoved inside it. Sunday evening I sort through and respond. Best of all, it keeps all of this off of my kitchen counter so my home “seems” tidy!

4. Create Command Central

MoMs, it’s just a fact that you probably handle most of the family coordination in your home however that doesn’t mean that Dad can’t get involved.  Just Plane Dad loves knowing our schedule ahead of time and feels empowered when he can handle things without my nagging asking.

Organize the family with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad #filofax

I keep a large calendar on our kitchen wall that lists our family appointments and events.  It may seem strange to have this info in two places but I find that Dad and the kids wouldn’t dare go in my purse but will definitely use “their calendar”.  Our family command central is a DoodlePlan monthly coloring desk pad.

Organize the family with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Organize the family with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

It’s large size makes it easy to enter multiple items into each of the daily squares.  Have Dad and the Kids enter their own activities and they will start to reap the benefits of staying organized. What I love best about the DoodlePlan is that Beloved gets excited to plan with me because she can color and customize the calendar the way she wants.  Coloring is a great way to keep the kids excited about the process-but don’t be surprised if you find yourself filling in a flower or two; it’s fun!

  • Enter all family appointments
  • Enter all vacation time from school
  • Enter all holidays
  • Due dates for school papers or library books
  • Tape papers that need to be signed to it as soon as they leave the backpack

Organize your whole family by finding a system that works for you. I start and end each of my days with my Filofax Fluoro Pink Orginal Organizer and DoodlePlan.  It brings me a sense of peace knowing that I’ve got my *ish together!  Try it, you’ll see.

Which organizer do you like best?

How do you organize your whole family?

Find Filofax on Facebook and Twitter.  PS: You can buy the featured products here and here.

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Organize the family with Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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