Odwalla Fights Child Hunger in the Summer

27 May

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Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad were so proud to participate in Odwalla’s Hunger in the Summer simple service project in our community.  In America, 16.8 million children go hungry.  In my town, it’s 1 out of every 10.  Summer is particularly rough for families because school is out and children do not have access to the free or low cost meals they usually provide. Odwalla recognized the need to help feed these hungry mouths and teamed up with Champions for Kids and local communities to feed our children.

blue bird

As a mom who has always sent my child to school with a full course lunch, I never really stopped to consider what happens to those that don’t have a lunchbox filled with food, come the noon hour.  I’m very aware of the school’s free breakfast and low cost lunch plans, but not having to use them, they weren’t first and foremost on my mind.  This simple service project opened my eyes to the scary truth that our children go hungry during the holiday and summer breaks.     

My family decided that given we are blessed with full bellies; we would help feed the hungry mouths by supporting our local community shelter, Brandon ECHO.  Their mission is to serve residents in need of emergency short term care through the volunteer assistance and donations of the area residents and businesses.

I asked my daughter what she would like to donate and true to a teens nature, she said snacks!  I was thinking of food a bit more substantial like Odwalla Bars for Kids, they fit my daughter’s sense of a yummy snack and my wish to provide nutritious, filling food. 

We planned a shopping trip to the Walmart SuperCenter to purchase our donation items; you can see our entire trip here. We were very familiar with Odwalla’s line of drinks [you’ve got to try the Mango] but had no idea where to locate the Bars for Kids.  Scouring the cereal aisle, diet food aisle and cookie lane, we finally gave up and asked the manager.  Imagine finding that the bars are in the produce section, right next to the dried fruits, nuts and bananas.  Are your antennae going up yet?  Yes, that’s how nutritious these things are…they even stock them in the fruit department. 

#Walmart Sign1

We scooped up every flavor and variety imaginable, all neatly wrapped in fun colorful packaging with the cutest little bird on them.  Blueberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, White Macadamia and Pomegranate are just a few.  There is truly a flavor for every kiddie!  What I liked about them is that each bar is soft and moist and full of organic oats and antioxidants.  These are exactly what children need for nourishment.    

#Odwalla Bars for Kids

After watching this video, it became so important to us to participate in this simple service project.  We could easily be one of the families that don’t have money to feed themselves; the economy doesn’t discriminate.  We sent the video to our friends and family and asked them to help.  It’s super easy to run to your pantry and donate a can of food or juice box. Since Odwalla has decided to make this subject a priority, we felt the right thing to do was support them by purchasing their products to donate.  We encouraged others to do the same.  Their outpouring of generosity amazed us and renewed our faith in the human spirit. 

Our local gymnastics team not only brought me trunk fulls of food but the girls were very curious as to why this food was needed and how it fights child hunger.  Gym competitions and training are extremely expensive and these girls have never known hunger, or anyone who went hungry for that matter.  I loved sharing the reason for collecting the food with them and sincerely hope that this project stays in their hearts and minds.  They were so excited about getting to help; they flexed their toned bodies into the Odwalla brand name!  How cool is that?  Even cooler, we collected more food than the average gymnast weighs!

Gymnastics team spelling #Odwalla1

It felt so nice for my family to look beyond ourselves and give back to our little town.  We were like kids on Christmas morning driving to the donation site.  We couldn’t wait to throw open the lift gate and show our donation pile to the ECHO worker; who was equally excited to hear about the Hunger in the Summer initiative.  Their worker explained how serious this problem of childhood hunger truly is and how it’s harder to get donations during the summer.  People usually remember to donate around the holidays but it’s needed at other times too.  We’ve already promised to support them again!     

Brandon ECHO worker smiling resized

Let me tell you, there is no greater feeling than watching your daughter, smiling from ear to ear because she’s helping those less fortunate than herself.  I humbly wish to thank Odwalla and Champions for Kids for deciding that hunger in children is unacceptable and for allowing our nation to participate in feeding them.  I lived with blinders on and now clearly see more opportunities to help. 

If you’d like to get involved, you can find out more on Twitter, FaceBook and the Champions For Kids webpageIt’s not too late to become one of the volunteers who will help reach their goal to mobilize 20 million people by 2020.   

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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