#NudgesMoments with our Mini Schnauzer

14 Jul

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Our miniature Schnauzer, affectionately named “Tukker the Wonder Dog”, was rescued from a shelter and found his way into our loving arms.  He is a highly intelligent, carefree and loyal animal that will do just about anything for dog treats made in USA. He loves Nudges® Premium Jerky Cuts made from chicken jerky for dogs.

tukker sitting with dog treats

Tukker is so smart and it’s been very easy to train him to do the obligatory dog tricks that all self-respecting dogs do-shake, sit, speak and stay.  We introduced Nudges dog treats as a way to quickly evolve his level of training to extraordinary heights.

hand shake with owner

Like many Schnauzers, Tukker is prone to health issues and takes a veritable diet of pills each day.  We decided that since they often taste nasty and are an unpleasant part of life, he should be rewarded with a treat after swallowing them.  So we showed him the large jerky cut, gave him a whiff of the chicken flavor and handed him the pill.  He gulped it right down and couldn’t take his eyes off the Nudges.  We were so proud of him and loved that he is getting a wholesome treat that won’t interact with his medications.

What we weren’t expecting was that our little brainiac would learn to tell time so well.  He was so excited about getting his Nudges in the morning that he now wakes up and instantly rushes to the cabinet awaiting them!  Truthfully, he remembers better than us that it’s time to take his medicine and we could set the clock by his internal gage.

Upon waking in the morning, he heads directly for the cabinet that holds his “treasure”.  He sits down for just a few seconds and then runs back to the first person awake. He repeats this routine tirelessly, nudging his parents toward the treat bin.  If you divert from the direct path, he will run to your side, nuzzle and jump up on your legs, and then run back to the treats.  This “gentle” nudging from him would go on for hours if we didn’t find it so irresistible.  He knows he has a “job” to do and that we love him enough to reward him once it’s done. So cute!

Since we live in Florida and Tukker did so well with training, we decided to use our Nudges while outside communing with nature as a reward for good behavior.  On a daily basis, our yard is full of the native fauna.  We always have Sandhill Cranes and their fuzzy babies hanging out.  Tukker is fascinated by them and doesn’t seem to notice how large they really are.

sandhill cranes in florida

Quite certain they could carry him off if they wanted to, and they are less than happy about him nosing around their family.  We use the healthy dog treats to keep his interest on us and not the birds. Once he has settled down, we reach into our pockets, tear off a bite-sized piece of Nudges® Premium Jerky Cuts™ and just hold it.  His focus is instantly diverted to the yummy all-natural morsel that we’re holding and the birds can go about their birdy business.

He gets to spend time outside with the family during our summer activities and doesn’t feel left out.  We just keep him occupied when needed, with a dog treat in our pocket.  It’s a win-win situation…or win-win-win if you count us, the dog and the Cranes!

dog in the front yard

Dogs that are trained, happy and healthy are a huge priority for their owners and since they encompass so much of our hearts, we want to do what’s best for them.  We buy our dog treats at Walmart (click here to see our trip) and are happy that the small bag goes a long way.  Nudges® Premium Jerky Cuts™ are made from real chicken in the USA with absolutely no artificial flavors or fillers.  Why would we want to save our little guy and then fill him up with junk?

Nudges are packed with 11 essential vitamins and protein, so you can be sure they will help keep your dog in prime tail-wagging, face-licking, fetch-playing condition.  The soft jerky cuts easily tear if you have a smaller dog like we do or you can buy them in bite-size.  We like to use the larger cuts as it heightens our dog’s experience as he watches the large treat exit the bag.

And he goes crazy for the smell; which to us resembles crock pot chicken, and must be heaven for him.  I personally love that the treats come in their own zip seal bag as they will definitely stay fresher longer and it’s less waste since I don’t have to put them into another container.

Our love for him is overflowing and we’re so glad that we’ve found a pleasant way to teach him fun tricks and how to behave when outdoors…simply by rewarding him with Nudges chicken jerky for dogs.  We found a COUPON to use so download it here.

We asked Tukker how he’d define his perfect Nudges day; here’s what he said:

Morning: Wake up, chase lizard in the backyard, take my medicine, earn a Nudges treat!

Lunch: Darn lizard’s back, let me out and I’ll catch him.  Quick nap.  Squirrel!

Dinner: Yum-yum-yum crunchy kibble bits.  Now where’s that tennis ball?

Bedtime: Another Nudges dog treat please!  Just what I need to hold me over ‘til breakfast.

Rinse and repeat.


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