National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend with #CookieBoss

5 Feb

I am being compensated by GSUSA for my participation in its National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend campaign as part of my affiliation with the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.  I love Girl Scouting and I’m honored to work with both organizations. #CookieBoss

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I have a long love affair with the Girl Scouts and an even deeper crush on their cookies.  Name one person on this planet that doesn’t love Girl Scout cookies.  No one comes to mind? Exactly.  Thankfully, National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend is upon us!  Join in the cookie fun on February 7-8th

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Back in the day, way back, before there were Daisies (the youngest Girl Scout members), we were called Brownies and that’s where my story begins.  My entire life was spent in a myriad of troops.  My mother, always my troop leader, instilled a love of camaraderie and adventure into each of her “girls”.  She dedicated her life to making a fun, exciting and safe place for the girls in our community.  She did this with the love that God put in her heart and with the tools the local Girl Scout council provided her. 


Each level, we learned more and more of the Life Skills that are inherent in each troop; teamwork, business ethics, goal setting, honesty, fairness, marketing, money management, decision making, people skills, conflict resolution and good ole’ fashioned finesse.  How else do you think we sold so many cookies?

Girls of every color, religion and background came together to form lifelong friendships.  Foster children, one parent children and girls with disabilities became ONE UNIT, all under the guidance of loving Leaders.  Help empower girls to become future leaders through your support of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.


The Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try:
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Cookie season was always one of my favorites, both as a scout and Leader (which I eventually became).  My friends were excited that we got to earn money, prizes and badges for our participation in the cookies sales.  I personally loved the smiles on our “customer’s” faces when they saw that beautiful green box of Mints heading their way. 

 Thin Mint #cookieboss

It taught all of us how to enjoy the art of budgeting, selling and customer service.  My mother also taught us compassion by making sure that a portion of our cookies was donated to feed the elderly or those less fortunate.  We learned giving is an amazing way to bless others!  You didn’t think cookies did all that, did you?


National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend is a fun time of year.  The girls are hard at work earning their cookie badges and perfecting their math skills as they work towards a common troop goal; often a trip to the founder’s (Juliette Gordon Low) home in Savannah, Georgia.  Troops plan and prepare their booths for weeks and parents often join in the fun by working at the booths to stock cookies.  Behind the scenes, Leaders aka #cookieboss and “cookie mom’s” work tirelessly to ensure all goes well. 


Now I realize that the beginning of the year often brings dieting and impossible weight loss goals so you may be tempted to pass by your local cookie booth.  Don’t do it!  Stop and interact with the scouts that you find there.


Let them know that you support their troop’s mission and are thrilled they’ve decided to spend their time productively in a troop.  Believe me; many girls have been saved from trouble by joining. 


Remember to thank their Leader for her service to the community.  How much extra time do you have?  That’s right…not alot…yet they put other tasks aside to ensure our girls are loved and empowered. 


Ask any senior scout if their Leader has made a difference in their life; and then fully hear their answer. 

 virtual Girl Scout cookie party #cookieboss

To get involved locally, visit the Girl Scout Cookie Page for ideas.  If you’re in Tampa:  

  • Visit and “like” our council’s Facebook page and you could be lucky enough to win a year’s supply of Girl Scout Cookies! 
  • Download the official Cookie Finder app; Samoa’s for me please!
  • Join the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida and help send another 65 Thousand boxes of cookies to our military troops serving overseas through the Gift of Caring program.
  • Purchase a dozen boxes of cookies and store them in your freezer; come July, you’ll be the happiest person on your block!


Thank you to everyone that supports the Girl Scouts organization during National Cookie Weekend and throughout the year.  You are making a difference.  If you are interested in becoming a Leader or having your daughter join a troop, please check out GSUSA on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest


What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?  How many boxes will you buy this year?


Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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