Nail Ritz Nail Art

20 Dec

For the holiday, I received a Nail Ritz Nail Art kit to review and provide my opinion.

It never fails that during the holidays, we attend an endless stream of parties.  I love entertaining with friends and family and it’s even better when we guests and not hosting the event.  The only detail that I have to worry about it how fab-u-lous I’m going to look.

Nail Ritz Nail Art

Nail Ritz Nail Art Kits promised to make my primping for a party a whole lot easier.  The kits each contain 5 different pens for a total of 10 different fashion colors.  Each color has its own traditional nail painting brush and a micro pen.  Yes, this pen is small so you can definitely create intricate designs on your nails and toes.

If like me, you aren’t the most creative when it comes to painting your nails (yes, I typically stay in the brown family), then you’ll be as happy as I was to see the nail art guide that’s included in each package. It gives you a few starter ideas and from there my mind simply took off.

Nail Ritz

Since we were attending an upscale function, I didn’t want to paint any over the top, look at me, sort of design. I had to fight the urge to create the Grinch on my toenails…he is my holiday favorite.  So I finally decided on a beautiful gold and burgundy tip design.  Festive, elegant and simple to do.

First, you select the polish color that you want and unscrew it from its partner bottle.  Use the full brush to paint the entire nail in your background color selection.

Second, you can create precision design with the micro pen simply by squeezing the sides of the bottle.  Be sure you’ve tightened the brush cap down first!  I found using the micro pen was much easier for creating everyone’s favorite: the french manicure.

 Matte Nail Ritz nail art

I picked the Matte Kit and the Precious Gem Kit.   Do you like it?  

Hovering high and low, Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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