Mom Monday-Ways for Mama to curb the volcanic anger

8 Jan

Have you ever been so angry with your child misbehaving that you just lost it an erupted like a volcano? But later regret you did? What is it about our children doing things that make us blow up? I mean, we understand they are children and they are exploring the world around them and that they are curious about what is going on.

From sounds, to touch and different textures to also seeing different items that intrigue them. But these tiny movements of their exploration can lead them to touch things that either are not good for them or good for them but not good for them to have.

Ways to avoid volcanic anger on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad


For example, my 2 year old daughter went into my refrigerator and got a whole stick of butter and wrapped it up in her bath towel, why? I could not even begin to understand or know. And she also rubbed some of it on her toys, one of those toys being her play skillet. So I  am thinking that she may have been pretending to cook and was only copying what she saw me do in the kitchen many times when fixing her dinner.

But guess who must go through the process of cleaning up that mess she made? Yep you guessed it, mommy had to. This is not the first time she has done this. The first time she took a whole stick and put it all on the carpet, but what was so boarder line funny about it was she came to me and told me she did it, but she said it in toddler talk so I had to interpret. She kept saying “ Mommy I got oil, I got oil on carpet” and I do believe I was doing something that distracted my time but I also had her play in her room so she would be out of the way while I worked and she could still have her fun. While I thought she was having fun in her room with all of her toys, she was actually buttering up the floor.

Now, I know many other parents would to get upset and say “ If it was me I’d be just as upset as you were” but, is it OK to get upset about these things? Why as parents are we upset over our children’s imaginations leading them on a journey into our kitchens and cabinets. And most of their actions come from copying what they see us doing daily, this is why it is important to be mindful as to what it is you do or bring to the senses of children.

Are we upset for the labor that needs to be put into  the cleaning process of the mess they made? Are we mad at ourselves because had we been watching just a little bit more attentively this may have been able to be avoided? Are we upset from other things that have happened in our day and this is just a little spark to the firecracker that gets up going?

Whatever the case may be that gets us exploding and going crazy, we should always be aware of what level of anger we are actually on. There are different levels to anger and some levels can be dangerous to us and those around us whether we know it or not. So it is important to take a break and walk away when we are upset. Children can feel certain auras and energies from us. And these negative bad energies can affect them in a bad manner and cause them to have the same, it’s  why I am a believer of why some kids cry around some people and laugh more with others, because they can feel their energy and the spirit that they have.

And as a parent we are responsible for protecting our children from harm and unsafe environments  but do we ever think to keep them safe from us? Are we unsafe for our own children? Not in a physical manner but in an emotional manner. Can we be putting our children in emotional danger zones? I would hate  to know I created an emotional damage or imbalance in my child with my emotional imbalances. I would hate to know that as my child got older that their personality shifted into something unrecognizable from my bad emotions being gravitated towards them when they acted out of just simple explorations and imagination that lead them on journeys.

So as a parent who loves her children, I plan on not letting my emotions be a hindrance to my children. It is not their fault I feel emotions like anger or getting upset when they do something because  they are only children who are exploring the world they live in. so i should be able to check myself before getting upset sp I don’t cause them confusion or emotional pain.

I also plan on making sure  they understand when mommy is upset it is not with them but for the actions they did and why it wasn’t  a good thing for them to do, so they can learn not to do it again in the future. I think it is important to always tell and teach our children reasons why they shouldn’t do certain things and reasons why they can. So that they can understand why some actions have consequences and others have rewards.

So the next time your child does something that can tick you off, just take time to calm down, breathe and understand they are just exploring.



I am Marie, I am a stay at home mother of two beautiful girls. I work from home as a Marie Rimmerfreelance transcriber and virtual assistant. I love to write, be happy, have fun and take care of my two lovely ladies. Blogging has been a great addition to my life and I wouldn’t stop for anything. Visit my blog and find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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