Mom Monday-What is positive parenting?

15 Jan

Positive parenting is something we all strive for and our kids long for. Please welcome our Mom Monday guest post from Ana of KitCriarBlogs. (please pardon any translation indiscretions as we prefer to leave the post as originally written to honor the differences and beauty in our cultures)

Positive Parenting

Positive thoughts attract positive energy and positive parenting. If you have that in mind I am pretty sure you will understand what positive parenting is.

Positive parenting on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Let’s start with a definition of parenting

Words like love, caring, empathy, comprehension, and patience are some of the best ways to describe what parenting is. If you do a mix of those words you can get closer to the definition of parenting. But keep in mind each kid is unique; just look around and see how dynamic our world is and how it’s changing every day.


Our definition of Positive Parenting

You need to learn and improve yourself every day with what your kid is ready to show. We all have things to learn, nobody knows it all. So your kid will sometimes show you a brand new world, full of fantasy and the sauce called imagination. You can create things on your mind and make them turn real if you keep thinking on them.


Be careful with bad thoughts as they also will be real if you keep feeding them, because our subconscious mind is working full time even when you are sleeping. So be positive, imagine your goals, find them with your kids. Here’s an example: “How should I teach her to respect others?” 


Do not forget, your kid reacts as your body reacts. If you tell him to stop eating fast foods when you are eating a huge caloric burger, it will not make sense to his mind. It would be like saying “all right, don’t do it, but do it”.


To help this change become positive, say “I can improve my empathy. I can be better.” Repeat those words for your subconscious and think positively; then your kids will also feel your energy and this will stay inside the relationship between you.

I got a little bit scared when I was notified about my angel coming to life. First I thought “Okay I just can’t, will be impossible deal with work and parenting full time. Let me just give up.” But later my spouse gave me the positive energy that I needed to start the positive parenting.

Positive Parenting on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

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Once I understood I give access to my mind to always see the obstacles as opportunities and rise up and be better. I will not lie, there was times when I thought I couldn’t handle it, but with focus and hard work you can let your mind be safe of bad thoughts and be sure you and your child will always keep the positive parenting flowing.



There is no secret at all, do not be afraid to do a mistake, but learn with your mistakes and improve yourself. When you think it will be hard to change, always let your mind know you can do it, you can be better, you can keep the positive parenting happening all the time in your life!

Think positive, be positive, do positive.


About Ana: Multiple experiences around the world have given Ana the answer to achieve her dreams. Persistent and with a lot of dedication Ana studied and learned about a universe that Positive parenting with Ana at Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dadmany people are afraid to enter. Today with total confidence in her work she dedicates herself to filling the internet gaps with her words and has been fulfilling her dreams and touching the hearts of all your friends (both digital and face-to-face). Grandmother with an unconditional love for her family knows the world still has much to be explored and she is on the right way to success. She is the woman behind the   Find her on Twitter.

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