Mom Monday-Tips to combat Mommy Guilt

11 Sep

If you’re a mother, I feel confident to say that you’ve experienced “mommy guilt” at least once or twice so far.  For some of us, we experience it far more often.  In my 22 months of being a working-out-side-of-the-home-mom, I’ve amassed a few tips to help us all combat the mommy guilt we feel.

Tips to combat mommy guilt on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad


~prioritize.  We all have seemingly innumerable demands on our time.  Whether it’s taking care of the kids, making dinner, housework, volunteer commitments, or anything else, it just feels like there isn’t enough time to get things done.  This is where you need to prioritize.

Take a few minutes and write out all of the things you have swimming around in your head that you “need” to be doing.  Then look at your list and see what needs to be done first.  Keep in mind how long each task should take and what kind of time window you have available to you.  When you have a list written out and you can see what your priorities are, it is much easier to focus on one thing at a time and get that task completed.


~communicate.  Talk about your to-do list with your partner or significant other.  Make sure you are on the same page about your goals.  Make sure the tasks you are prioritizing don’t make your partner feel like he or she isn’t being heard.


~schedule/plan ahead.  If you have an hour to work, do as much as you can on your project.  If you have an hour blocked off for working on your blog, get as many posts written as you can.  If you are using your time wisely (more on that in a minute), you can get a bit ahead and have things scheduled or planned ahead.  That way you aren’t scrambling at the last minute to finishing something that needs to be done and taking time away from your family and friends.


~be all there.  When you are with your kids, put the phone away.  When you have time to spend with your significant other, make sure you aren’t distracted by checking emails or sharing on social media.  When you have reviewed your list, your priorities, and your schedule, you will know what you have upcoming and you will know how much time you have blocked off to spend with family or friends.  When you have that time, be present with those people.


~use your time wisely.  When you know that you have an hour of kid-free, use that time intentionally.  Do those tasks that will make you money or help you make progress towards a larger goal.  Pick the tasks from your list that will move you forward.  When you have an hour, you don’t need to be spending it watching mindless television or scrolling through Instagram.  Spend the time that you have wisely.

What about you?  Do you have any other tips or tricks to combat mommy guilt? 


Suzanna is a mom to a whole bunch of hooligans – two boys (who are exactly 13 months apart), five dogs, Suzanna of One Hoolie Mamaand a cat.  She works outside of the home and enjoys running and working out, blogging, volunteering, cooking, and having wine and chocolate. Visit her at:






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